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5 Essentials You Need For Music Festival Glam

Written by Shopping Magazine on January 8, 2018. Posted in Custom temporary tattoos, Temporary tattoos, Types of custom temporary tattoos

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If you’re thinking of heading to a music festival this year, you know there are some accessories you NEED to have in order to get those perfect Instagram-worthy photos that will make ALL of your followers jealous! You know it all too well: You are scrolling through your Instagram feed only to see all these beautiful photos of girls wearing boho skirts, flowy blouses, and flower crowns. You want to fit right in and have photos just like them that are vibrant and beautiful.

Now you can! All you need are a few essentials to help make your wardrobe amazing! Here are five essentials every girl needs at a music festival.

1. Glitter!

If you’ve been following social media and fashion trends, you know everything glitter has taken off! From glitter markup brushes to glitter eye shadow and eve