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Wedding Planning Requires Close Attention to Many Details

Written by Shopping Magazine on November 28, 2018. Posted in Faux burlap, Faux burlap tablecloth, Skirt clips plastic

It is the details that matter. For instance, when you are planning a wedding you need to pay attention to the table skirting clips. When you are taking senior photos you need to pay attention to the shoes. Finding the right details to focus on, however, is the challenge. If you find yourself in the middle of planning a big event it is important to make sure that you are ready to focus on all kinds of details, both large and small.
From table skirting clips to knowing the order that the tables will be served food at the reception, there are a number of details that will help you create the best event. Do you want, for instance, to have coordinating or contrasting napkins? Do you want to have fitted table covers or a loose fitting, skirting? With so many details to figure out, it is often important to decide which ones you want to take of and which ones you are will

How to Love Your Face

Written by Shopping Magazine on November 27, 2018. Posted in Eyebrow shading, Microblading and shading, Plasma and derma microneedling class schedule

There is a job interview next Monday. Girls’ night is this coming Saturday night. You are supposed to be taking Christmas card pictures with your family next Wednesday. You have your business suit, your cocktail dress, and your adorable scarf and boots ensemble all neatly laid out for everything that is coming up–but there is one thing that refuses to cooperate: your skin. A handful of pesky, acne blemishes are scattered across your face.

This is one of the most frustrating battles that many women fight all of their lives, from pubescent acne to sun spots to wrinkles and anti-aging. The cosmetics, health, and beauty industries have leapt on this opportunity to feed on this insecurity that many average women share. A lot of females hope that acne will dissipate once they enter adulthood, but that is unfortunately not always the case.

You could spend lots on skin care products and procedures. But where to begin? Depending on your acne frequency and severity, you may be gett

Is Your Clothing Ethical? Why You Should Consider Handcrafted Clothing

Written by Shopping Magazine on November 19, 2018. Posted in Charles jeffrey, Fashion for women, Lauren klassen

Designer clothing is in high demand, and we all want clothing that not only shows off our own identity, but our creativity as well. The way we dress is a way to convey our individual personalities to the people around us, and can even make us feel more confident. While it is easy to run out to the nearest mall and purchase all the designer items we desire, I’d urge you to instead take a look at handcrafted textiles the next time you’re after a unique and eye catching piece.

The Benefits of Handcrafted Textiles

Purchasing handcrafted textiles comes with a range of benefits that many people in the mainstream haven’t considered, or heard of. Here are a few important ones to keep in mind.

  • Quality fabric. How many times have you spent a large sum on a designer product, only to have it degrade quickly after the first couple wears? Handcrafted items aren’t mass prod