Not Just For Summer

Written by Shopping Magazine on September 2, 2016. Posted in Belgian linen sheets, Choosing new sheets, Linen sheets queen

Bed sheet sets

There’s no doubt that linen is a great fabric choice for summertime: light, breezy linen curtains and billowy linen resort wear are common summer sights. The popularity of linen makes perfect sense, too. Since linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture and still stay dry to the touch, it’s a fabric that keeps us feeling fresh and cool in the warmer months. But many people don’t realize that linen bed sheets are perfect for year-round use.
While it keeps us cooler in hot temperatures, linen is unique in that it also helps keep us warm when the weather turns chilly. Because it helps regulates temperature, linen flat sheets are an ideal choice for any climate. If you tend to get too warm while sleeping, linen sheets help cool you down; if your teeth are chatteri