Screen Printed Clothing An Ancient Tradition?

Written by Shopping Magazine on September 18, 2013. Posted in Custom shirt designs, Customized t shirts, Shirt printing

Custom screen printed shirts

While the idea of custom screen printed shirts may seem fairly modern, the process was actually first popularized in China during the Song Dynasty, all the way back in the 10th Century. The current technical name for screen printing, “serigraphy”, wasn’t coined until the 1930s. But regardless of where it started or what it’s called, the process is incredibly popular today due to its versatility, affordability, and range of applications.

For all you intrepid DIY-ers out there, the Internet is awash with step-by-step methods for at-home screen printing; all you need are a few easily purchased supplies and a dark space, like a closet. These methods can be great if you have an idea that you simply have to put on a shirt, but you don’t intend to make more than one or two. Personalized clothi