Hairstyles How African-American Women Can Explore Their Options

Written by Shopping Magazine on October 10, 2016. Posted in African american hair salon san jose, Best hair salon in san jose, Hair

Weaves and natural hair

African-American women are faced with unique challenges regarding their hair. For one thing, many African-American women feel judged if they do keep their natural hair, and judged if they don’t. The fact is that your hair is beautiful whether you’re looking into sew weave hairstyles or natural styles — but sometimes it doesn’t always feel that way. Of course, African-American women also have hair with needs that are more specific than the needs of white women’s hair. African-American hair can be more easily damaged, and has to be treated by someone who knows how to handle its texture and care for it will. This can make it difficult to find the best place for hair extensions, weaves, and coloring jobs. After all, if your hair ends up completely ruined, you’ll have to start from square one — and