Beyond the Keg Is it Time to Mature Your Party Game?

Written by Shopping Magazine on August 16, 2016. Posted in Rental linens, Renting linens for a wedding reception

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There is nothing better than a well-planned dinner party. A great host can be able to bridge several different groups of friends together to create a truly one of a kind experience in which the food, the drinks and the conversation blend into an amazing evening. What many would-be dinner party planners forget is that hospitality, like many things, is an art. For those of us pushing thirty our college days of buying a load of booze, several different kinds of chips, turning up the radio to ten and hoping that the party rocks are long behind us. To create a truly memorable party experience you have to do a little bit of homework and a lot of planning. Below you will find several tips to elevate your next chip and dip party to something a little classier.

Focus On Your Atmospheric Control