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Repairing My Favorite Ray Bans

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 6, 2013. Posted in How to fix broken sunglasses, How to fix sunglasses, Ray ban replacement parts

How to fix scratched sunglasses

Sunglasses have come a long way. Ever since the notorious (and mildly terrifying) eccentric Nero began watching gladiator fights through polished gems to enjoy the color and image distortion, sunglasses have been on the fast track for further improvement. Today, we even have polarized sunglasses that can protect the eyes from UV rays helping to prevent cataracts and vision impairment. They’re more popular than ever before, generating about $34 billion in revenue annually, but there is one area we haven’t managed to improve upon.

It’s been estimated that someone loses, breaks, or sits on their sunglasses every 14 seconds, and I became one of those people a couple of months ago. My brand new Ray Ban Wayfarers were sat upon by my dear husband on an airplane, and I can’t say that I was thrilled.

The Power of the Ratchet

Written by Shopping Magazine on December 5, 2013. Posted in Best tie downs, Polyester strap, Wholesale belts

D ring

If you drive a truck, haul a trailer, or have a pickup that always seems to be helping a friend move, then you know the importance of a good tie down. Ratchet tie down straps not only keep your cargo or gear securely stowed in the vehicle, but they also prevent wear and tear from the minute shifting and shuffling that can happen on long, bumpy drives.

Why use ratcheting buckles? Oh sure, you could get by with a regular strap and buckle, and rely on the strength of your arm and the tension of the nylon straps to keep everything in place. But you’ll be checking those tie downs every time you stop, making sure everything is just as you left

Pink camo —- VIDEO

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