The Power of the Ratchet


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If you drive a truck, haul a trailer, or have a pickup that always seems to be helping a friend move, then you know the importance of a good tie down. Ratchet tie down straps not only keep your cargo or gear securely stowed in the vehicle, but they also prevent wear and tear from the minute shifting and shuffling that can happen on long, bumpy drives.

Why use ratcheting buckles? Oh sure, you could get by with a regular strap and buckle, and rely on the strength of your arm and the tension of the nylon straps to keep everything in place. But you’ll be checking those tie downs every time you stop, making sure everything is just as you left it. Ratchet tie down straps lock in place, securely, every time, without having to guess if the strap is tight enough. You can hear the difference.

Ratchet tie down straps come in a huge variety of styles, sizes, and even colors. You can choose a traditional hinged ratchet (compact, secure, and perfect for tight spaces), or a “firehose handle” ratchet (for long straps across a heavy load, where you need all the torque you can get). You can choose thin straps or wide straps. You can choose from a rainbow of colors for increased visibility or to simply match company logos or color schemes. And the combinations are just about endless.

If you’re hauling a closed trailer over a long distance, ratchet tie down straps are a must. You want everything to stay right where you put it, right down the inch. You need the peace of mind a ratchet buckle can give, especially since you may not be able to lay eyes on your cargo until you get where you’re going.

Remember: securing cargo isn’t just important to keeping the cargo safe during transit—it’s also important for keeping people and cars safe from the cargo. There are more than 25,000 accidents every year as a result of poorly secured cargo. Avoid becoming a statistic, and secure your productivity at the same time. Happy hauling!

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