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Flower Givers Are Seen as Thoughtful and Caring

Written by Shopping Magazine on January 27, 2017. Posted in Dundalk florists, Essex wedding florist, Spring wedding flowers

Wedding centerpiece ideas

Did you know that when you give a gift of flowers, you’re also revealing aspects of your character and personality? Not only is a gift of flowers always welcome, researchers have found that people who give gifts of flowers are seen as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent. Flower bouquets too speak without words, and the secret language and meaning of flowers has been around at least since Elizabethan times.

What a gift of flowers says about you
Who doesn’t want to be seen as sophisticated, thoughtful, caring and emotionally intelligent? That’s what a gift of flowers says about the giver. It also tells the person who receives the gift that they are special. People love to receive flowers and 83% say that they like to receive unexpected gifts of flowers. And

Are You Looking for a Perfectly Fitting Pair of Shoes?

Written by Shopping Magazine on January 23, 2017. Posted in Designer monk strap shoes, Exotic mens dress shoes, Luxury ostrich skin boots

Mens eel skin shoes

In a rather strange turn of events you find yourself spending much of the dinner conversation talking about shoes. About 11 months ago he found a style of exotic skin shoes that he really liked. Liked so much, in fact, that he actually bought the same shoe twice, one in brown, one in black. The fact that he likes them so well, though, is becoming a problem and this has been the reason for the running conversation about shoes for the last two nights at the dinner table.
It turns out that he likes these shoes so much he has been wearing them almost every day. He alternates between the two colors, but on most weeks he is wearing one pair or the other four of five work days. As a result, he has started to notice some wear on one of the heels. He has determined that the wear is on the heel of the right foot