Flower Givers Are Seen as Thoughtful and Caring


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Did you know that when you give a gift of flowers, you’re also revealing aspects of your character and personality? Not only is a gift of flowers always welcome, researchers have found that people who give gifts of flowers are seen as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent. Flower bouquets too speak without words, and the secret language and meaning of flowers has been around at least since Elizabethan times.

What a gift of flowers says about you
Who doesn’t want to be seen as sophisticated, thoughtful, caring and emotionally intelligent? That’s what a gift of flowers says about the giver. It also tells the person who receives the gift that they are special. People love to receive flowers and 83% say that they like to receive unexpected gifts of flowers. And 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers.
Flower bouquets bring a splash of color and beauty into the greyest of days. There’s a reason why flowers are considered a suitable gift for people who are sick, recovering from illness or in hospital. It cheers them up and brightens their day, when they don’t have a lot to look forward to in their day. In fact, for fully 88% of survey respondents, a gift of flowers help to put them in a better mood.

The language of flowers
Flowers are unique decorative offerings for gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, wedding bouquets, funerals or sympathy and church alters. The secret language of flowers has been around for a long time, though some meanings are better known than others. The meanings of carnations change with the colors, so that red flowers stand for deep love, white for pure love, and yellow for sadness or dejection.
The meanings of flower bouquets also vary across cultures. In Russia, red tulips stand for a declaration of love. Tulips stand for immortality, life and love. They are forever associated with Holland, since they were first imported from Persia in the 16th century. By the 17th century, Western Europe was in the grip of a Tulip Mania, and in Holland they were more expensive than gold.

Flowers are always in style
The florist industry today is complex and spans the globe. In the U.S., it generates revenues of around $7 billion each year. There are around 36,613 florist businesses in the country and the industry as whole employs about 90,427 people.
The most popular days of the year for buying flower bouquets are Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Americans spend $1.9 billion on flowers on Mother’s Day each year.

Whether or not you know a person well, a gift of a flower bouquet is always the right choice. A flower delivery to someone’s home, workplace or hospital room is a welcome and thoughtful way of showing that you care.

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