6 Tips for the Proper Care and Feeding of Your Exotic Shoes for Men

Written by Shopping Magazine on February 27, 2017. Posted in Exotic belts, Exotic mens shoes, Formal shoes for men

Luxury ostrich skin boots

More and more men are buying luxury clothing and footwear items. At least 6% of the shoe market belongs to dress shoes for men. Between 2009 and 2014, sales of men’s designer footwear increased by at least 39%. This growth rate is almost double the growth rate for women’s luxury shoes. In 2011, the growth rate for men’s luxury shoes was 14% whereas women’s luxury shoe sales only went up by 8%. If you have brought home some exotic shoes for men, you may not know how to care for them properly. Here are some expert tips for the proper care and feeding for exotic mens shoes.

  1. Invest in shoe trees. When it comes to keeping your high end mens shoes looking the same way they did when you brought them home, you can do a lot to keep them in good shape by using shoe trees. Shoe trees are great for helping leather shoes retain their original shape. If your shoes get wet, placing them on shoe trees can also help you get them dry a lot faster. Even if you have had your shoes treated with a waterproofing product, getting them dry as quickly as you can will help in keeping the look and feel of the shoes. This is one of the best investments you can make for your exotic and luxury shoes and boots.
  2. Use different shoe trees for travel and at home. You have two options when it comes to shoe tree materials. They come in plastic and wood. The wood shoe trees are better for a lot of reasons. They can be better for absorbing any water and can keep the shoes smelling better. The main drawback is that they are heavy. If you travel a lot and want to bring your shoe trees with you, you should look into getting plastic shoe trees to bring on trips.
  3. Do not wear the same shoes every day or every other day. You should never wear the same pair of leather shoes more than two days in a row. Most footwear has materials that are compressed when the weight from walking is applied. They need some time to get back to their normal shape. Giving them some time “off” will keep them looking great for a longer period of time.
  4. Clean your shoes on a regular basis. One of the main things you need to do to keep your exotic mens shoes looking great is clean them on a regular basis. When you get home and your mens exotic shoes are wet, take a dry rag or cloth and get as much of the moisture off of your shoes. Once you have done this, you can hang them up to dry. If there is mud on the shoes, you should get that off as well. There are products you can buy to clean your exotic dress shoes.
  5. Keep your shoes out of the sun. Of course, when you are out, .you cannot prevent this but you should not store your leather shoes (or any leather products, including furniture) in the path of direct sunlight. The sun can dry out your leather products and fade the color.
  6. Condition your shoes. Using conditioners and leather polishes can greatly extend the lifespan of your exotic mens shoes. When your shoes start to look worn, the right conditioning product will bring life back to them. If you are not sure what the best products are for your exotic shoes for men, you can talk to the store where you bought your shoes or boots or to any establishment that sells fine leather products.

If you are looking for exotic mens shoes, you have a number of options. Simple leather from cow skin is just one of the leathers you can buy. You can also get crocodile, alligator, python, stingray and ostrich, among others. These currently only make up about 1% of the leathers that are sold around the world but they do make for some striking shoes and other garments. When you are out and about and looking for something different, you may want to look into these different leathers. These shoes look and feel great.




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