5 Steps to Becoming a Police Officer

Written by Shopping Magazine on November 25, 2016. Posted in Best steel toe shoes, Comfortable work boots, Work boots

Composite toe boots

Being involved in law enforcement is an admirable career. You can really make a difference by serving a community or city. Unfortunately, police are getting a bad wrap right now but that’s why now more than ever, this country needs upstanding police officers that are still willing to do the right thing. Some of the great things about this career are that it pays quite well and there are great opportunities to grow and advance. Even better- you don’t have to have formal higher education in order to become a police officer. A high school diploma is usually all that is required. However, it’s more than just knowing about police footwear and guns. Here are the steps that must be completed in order to become a police officer.

  1. Get Your High School Diploma
    This is the minimum requir

How to Stay Safe at Work All the Time

Written by Shopping Magazine on August 17, 2016. Posted in Best steel toe shoes, Composite toe vs steel toe, Tactical boots

Best steel toe boots

Wearing the correct attire to work is not only important from the stand point of how you look but it could also be a safety issue. Depending on the type of job you have, you may need to wear protective clothing in order to keep you from being hurt. For example, the military, law enforcement and security companies need their employees to stay safe as they serve and protect. This could be anything from work boots like military combat boots to bullet proof vests and other items. If you are a construction worker, you are going to be required to wear steel toe boots for your work boots in order to protect your feet. Let’s lo