How to Stay Safe at Work All the Time


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Wearing the correct attire to work is not only important from the stand point of how you look but it could also be a safety issue. Depending on the type of job you have, you may need to wear protective clothing in order to keep you from being hurt. For example, the military, law enforcement and security companies need their employees to stay safe as they serve and protect. This could be anything from work boots like military combat boots to bullet proof vests and other items. If you are a construction worker, you are going to be required to wear steel toe boots for your work boots in order to protect your feet. Let’s look at some other items of clothing that might protect the average worker.

Work Boots or Tactical Boots
Seeing as it’s already been mentioned, let’s talk about your feet. You use them to walk, run, lift, balance, kick, swim, play certain instruments and many other random things. You don’t want to hurt them or your life will change dramatically. Certain types of boots will protect your feet if something falls on them but having boots also gives you the ability to get through different types of terrain that you might not be able to in another kind of shoe. They are kind of the four wheeler of shoes. You can even waterproof your boots if you have to wade through some kind of swamp or water.

Reflective Jackets
Work boots protect your feet but reflective jackets protect your entire body. Maybe not the jacket itself but it’s purpose does. Being able to be seen in the dark or at night is very important, especially if you are working near traffic. Any kind of worker on a bike, motorcycle or other open air contraption should wear reflective jackets in order to be seen by oncoming traffic and other pedestrians. Without these jackets, you could cause car accidents, worker’s comp situations and other problems. Think about the person causing the accident as well. Not only would you be severely hurt, but the at fault person would have to carry that around for the rest of their lives. All because they just didn’t see you.

Helmets or Hard Hats
Your head is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. If you get a head wound, the hospital will put you to the stop of the priority list because of how serious these can be. Wearing a helmet or hard hat while working outside is a smart idea. If anything falls from above, you will protected. If you hit your head on anything, no damage will come to you. Protect your head because it protects your brain which is what causes you to be able to function normally and healthily through your every day life. If you cause damage to your brain, it’ll affect everything that you do.

Gloves are a great invention. Not only do they protect your hands from getting all cut and torn up, they also make for a great way to keep your hands clean. Gloves are a good idea to use when counting money to avoid coming into contact with all the germs on the notes. They are also great for picking up trash and trash bags for the same reason. You can use gloves to give you better traction when having to lift heavy things. Gloves are a pretty versatile safety item, not to mention being a fashion item at times.

If you can wear these four items when you work, then you will do a great job of protecting your body from physical damage as well as bacteria and virus. It may be a hassle to make sure that you have these things all the time but in the end, you will be glad that you did and could avoid any harmful injuries to your body. However, before going out and purchasing your own attire, make sure that your employer approves the things that you want to wear to work. They may have their own suggestions as far as color and material go so that everyone is wearing the same thing. Your uniform may even include some of these items if not all of them.

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