The Right Primer Can Make All the Difference

Written by Shopping Magazine on August 21, 2013. Posted in Best lip primers, Lip makeup tips, Popular makeup

Best lip primers

No one would build a house on a cardboard foundation, no one would paint a masterpiece on a canvas with holes in it, and no one… NO ONE… should put color on their face without using primer make up.

Every face has pores, and some of those pores are bigger than others. Blame genetics, blame your diet, or blame your job. But whatever the cause, you have to deal with it. With the right face, eye, or lip primer make up can work exactly the way you want it to work. Your color can just be color, rather than having to be a concealer as well. Use your shading to accentuate features, without worrying about accentuating your flaws as well. With a good primer in place, everything e