The Right Primer Can Make All the Difference


Best lip primers

No one would build a house on a cardboard foundation, no one would paint a masterpiece on a canvas with holes in it, and no one… NO ONE… should put color on their face without using primer make up.

Every face has pores, and some of those pores are bigger than others. Blame genetics, blame your diet, or blame your job. But whatever the cause, you have to deal with it. With the right face, eye, or lip primer make up can work exactly the way you want it to work. Your color can just be color, rather than having to be a concealer as well. Use your shading to accentuate features, without worrying about accentuating your flaws as well. With a good primer in place, everything else just makes sense.

When you talk about color, shading, balance, efficiency is key. The ultimate goal of makeup is to make it seem as though you have no makeup on. So the more economical you can be with your application, the more effective and natural looking your makeup will be. And when you can make a little color go a long way, it also helps your pocketbook. Good primer make up makes all of that possible.

Primers lay the groundwork. Eyeshadow primers help avoid creases and color bleeds, and in that same way the best lip primers keep a definite line between your color and your skin. Primers can also neutralize a region, chromatically speaking, so that you can see exactly what can be done with highlights, shadings, and tones.

Need even more incentive? Many of the most affordable and best makeup primers on the market today can also keep your skin healthier, with the addition of vitamins, minerals, and moisturizing ingredients like aloe. Even if you moisturize separately before applying your primer make up, you can effectively seal in that moisture for the majority of the day, getting more bang for your moisturizing buck as well.

And finally, the fact that many women choose to wear their primer even if they forego the rest of their makeup routine should be proof positive of the effectiveness and essential nature of a good primer. Shop around, and be willing to nudge up your primer budget a little. With everything it does for the rest of your makeup, you could still end up saving money, saving time, saving energy, and looking good the whole time.

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  1. After a week or two of using my new primer, I started to notice my skin looking better. Now, if I have to fly out the door with no time for the rest of my makeup, I can just put on my primer and feel comfortable in how I look.

  2. I’ve found I can mix my primer with some of my eye shadows to get a pretty efficient eyeliner out of the mix too. That’s a few bucks saved.

  3. I’ve found I can mix my primer with some of my eye shadows to get a pretty efficient eyeliner out of the mix too. That’s a few bucks saved.

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