Cell Phone Use is Higher Than Ever, But Are Your Children Safe From Their Radiation?

Written by Shopping Magazine on October 25, 2016. Posted in Emf quiz, Protect children, Shield microwave radiation

Emf blockers

We use our cell phones to shop and to write emails for work, but what we don’t know could be hurting us. Studies consistently show that we are not yet aware of the long term effects of wifi radiation, and a recent study indicated that chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields — often referred to as EMF — could be stressing our cells and our entire bodies. Large appliances like microwaves have ambient electromagnetic fields, and the rise of cell phone towers may be impacting children’s health even more than they do adults’ health.

Wondering how to shield microwave radiation? There are ways to block EMF, and parents are looking for ways to protect children from EMF. There are products that work to dispel electromagnetic radiation and to dispel EMF fields, and parents who notice that their children ar