Cell Phone Use is Higher Than Ever, But Are Your Children Safe From Their Radiation?


Emf blockers

We use our cell phones to shop and to write emails for work, but what we don’t know could be hurting us. Studies consistently show that we are not yet aware of the long term effects of wifi radiation, and a recent study indicated that chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields — often referred to as EMF — could be stressing our cells and our entire bodies. Large appliances like microwaves have ambient electromagnetic fields, and the rise of cell phone towers may be impacting children’s health even more than they do adults’ health.

Wondering how to shield microwave radiation? There are ways to block EMF, and parents are looking for ways to protect children from EMF. There are products that work to dispel electromagnetic radiation and to dispel EMF fields, and parents who notice that their children are lethargic may want to look into purchasing whole room shields and personal EMF shields. In general, kids who go to school near cell phone towers could be exposed to more than 1,000 times the radiation that they would have been exposed to in the 1980s. What worries parents the most is that existing legislature does not address the dangers of long-term wifi radiation exposure. There are also very few studies available to the public about the long-term dangers of microwave radiation.

What also worries parents is the amount of time their kids spend on their cell phones and the potential effects that cell phone radiation could have on their children. Experts recommend holding cell phones at least one inch away from your ear when you talk, but there is currently a lack of studies that deal with cell phone use and its dangers. There are more than 6 billion cell phone users all around the world, and parents are working to protect children and to raise awareness about wifi radiation safety. Are you wondering how to shield microwave radiation? Cell phone radiation could prove to be worse in the long run. Parents across America are seeking to protect against cordless phone radiation and microwave radiation, citing a lack of serious studies on the topic. Cell phone companies work to install cell towers in highly populated areas, but cannot provide proof that they are safe for the general public.

Another recent study indicated that children who are exposed to EMF from cell phones for a short period of time reported higher instances of headaches and more trouble concentrating in school. If your children have trouble sleeping, eating, and are hyperactive, you could be looking at problems due to exposure to wifi radiation. Most people who invest in EMF filters and shields use about 20 around the home for full protection, but you should consider the number of cell phones and tablets that you use at home. EMF experts can assist you in determining the kind of protection that you think would work well at home. After you’ve been using the shielding for a few months, check in with your doctor and ask them if they see any difference in your health.

If you need to know how to shield microwave radiation and other kinds of radiation, you can hang up EMF shield curtains and put shielding around your outlets and cell phones. Do not keep cell phones in your bedroom and try not to sleep next to a cell phone or tablet. Keep an eye on how you feel after you’ve used a cell phone for a while: are you feeling nauseous or tired? People who want more information on how to shield microwave radiation and other small appliances often report that they are more sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic fields. If you feel ill every time you use your cell phone, consider switching back to a landline phone. Keep track of how you and your children are feeling, and consider the ways that you can prevent long-term wifi radiation effects.

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