Some of our Favorite Organic Hygiene Products

Written by Shopping Magazine on April 11, 2016. Posted in Aromatherapy gifts, Bath salts, Sea salt bath soak


We’re so obsessed with the “latest and greatest,” most complicated treatments in America that we’ve totally lost touch with our medicinal roots. That’s not to say that you should throw away all your sleeping pills and ibuprophen. However we strongly encourage you to give the following holistic, organic hygiene products a try before buying out the pharmacy on your next visit:
1. Essential Oils
Essential oils have been on the list of tried and true organic hygiene products for nearly 6,000 years. Many global cultures have used them medicinally, cosmetically, and as perfumes from generation to generation. For example, lavender oil has been used to treat burns and other skin infections as late as the 20th century, and oil of oregano is shown to reduce toenail fungus in many cases. Fish oil ha