Some of our Favorite Organic Hygiene Products



We’re so obsessed with the “latest and greatest,” most complicated treatments in America that we’ve totally lost touch with our medicinal roots. That’s not to say that you should throw away all your sleeping pills and ibuprophen. However we strongly encourage you to give the following holistic, organic hygiene products a try before buying out the pharmacy on your next visit:
1. Essential Oils
Essential oils have been on the list of tried and true organic hygiene products for nearly 6,000 years. Many global cultures have used them medicinally, cosmetically, and as perfumes from generation to generation. For example, lavender oil has been used to treat burns and other skin infections as late as the 20th century, and oil of oregano is shown to reduce toenail fungus in many cases. Fish oil has long been a staple at most GNCs to improve concentration. The list goes on and on, so Google “common essential oils” and see what speaks to you.
2. Hot Baths
We know, we know. Who has time to relax in a hot bath? You’re having a hard enough time as it is keeping your toddler out of the bath salts, let alone using them yourself. However, we’re not just recommending hot baths in an effort to sell gift sets full of yummy smelling things. Baths may be one of the most powerful organic hygiene products you have at your disposal. Hot baths have been shown to help diabetics keep their sugar down and lose a modest amount of weight. They also aid insomnia, relax our muscles, and dry up excess mucus. (Also not for nothing, but when you have a cold or the flu, absolutely nothing feels better than sinking into a hot bath).
3. Whole Leaf Tea
We’re not talking about the tea you get at the supermarket. Bagged tea is usually exclusively fannings, or the tips of the tea leaves. Whole leaf tea, found online or at specialty shops, is much richer and beneficial to your health. Valerian root, for example, was used in the Victorian era to combat migraines and promote sleep, and can be found mixed in most relaxation teas. Hibiscus is another powerful organic hygiene product and promotes well-functioning kidneys and liver. Lemon grass, gogi berry, and yerba matte are immune boosters with energy promotion qualities, so the next time you feel that 3PM slump at work, reach for a cup of this rather than coffee and get a sense of what we’re talking about.
4. Candles
Our sense of smell is one of the most underrated avenues to holistic health. Our sense of smell is hard wired to our brain, particularly our memory banks and the parts that handle stress and adrenaline. A well placed aromatherapy candle in the home not only adds beauty, it can reduce your stress levels. We are particularly fond of the large, luxurious soy jar candles we’ve been seeing in shops lately, as they last a long time and come in all kinds of aromas.
If, even after reading this, you’re reluctant to jump on the “organic hygiene products” bandwagon, consider the following. Unlike powerful prescriptions, habit-forming sleep aids, and costly trips to the doctor, organic health options rarely ever have the potential to hurt you. At worst, your home will smell a little nicer, and you’ll have treated yourself to a well-deserved bubble bath.

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