Interior Design Companies In Washington DC

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Your office’s interior design is critical not only because your business is like a second home for your employees but also because it’s a physical representation of your brand. When consumers walk into your place of business, they need to have a general idea of who you are and what it is you do.

Find a provider that has the full-service office interior designers Washington DC businesses can trust to design a workspace with fresh ideas, hand-built artisan workmanship, and bold statements.

Why Hire Interior Design Companies In Washington DC For Your Office?
You can tell when you walk into an office that’s been designed by a professional interior designer. The company you choose should have the talented, energetic, and experienced crew members needed to evaluate a space and bring you the office design you’re looking for.

Professional interior design in your office space can improve your workplace by:

  1. Building your brand
    Brand identity is critical for marketing, but it isn’t only your products, packaging, and marketing campaigns that need to stay cohesive with your brand. Your workplace needs to reflect your brand so when consumers walk through the door they know who you are and what you do.

  2. Improving worker productivity
    Employees feel more motivated to work in an environment that reflects creativity and professionalism. They’ll also be more productive when given a variety of spaces that make it comfortable and enjoyable to work.

  3. Making you look more professional
    When a consumer walks through the door, you want them to have a general idea about your company based on what they see around them. A workplace that exudes color and open spaces may say your workplace is creative and open-minded.

The best interior design companies can turn a space where workers do their jobs into a space where employees come to build their careers.


Why Do Americans Love Designer Watches?

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designer watches

Americans have always been obsessed with fashion, which explains why luxury watches are so popular. In fact, approximately 38 million Americans purchase designer watches or other types of designer jewelry each year. Not only that, but it’s one of the only types of high fashion that both men and women have in common.

Why are we so fascinated with luxurious timepieces?

Here are a few reasons why luxury watches have been an enduring fashion statement over the centuries.

Improved Fashion Sense

Whether it’s a brand-new Rolex or a pre-owned Cartier, wearing these fine items can transform anyone’s style. There are excellent mens designer watches and womens designer watches that can really bring together an ensemble. Thanks to the combination of practicality and versatility that these accessories provide, you can wear a nice watch to the office throughout the workday or to a fancy fundraising event and not have to worry about your wardrobe or style being in jeopardy.

Be Perceived as a Leader
Luxury watches are often a reflection of your status. When you walk into a room with a beautiful watch on your wrist, people will notice. If you’re meeting someone for the first time and they notice your watch, they will automatically assume you’re somebody of consequence. Wearing high quality watches will help you make a great first impression whenever you meet someone new.

Artistic Expression
There is so much effort that goes into every single designer watch. Thanks to the artistry and craftsmanship in each piece, you are essentially walking around town with a work of art on your wrist. The sheer complexity of all the gears and pieces working together in harmony within a watch is astounding.

Adding to a Collection
Excuse the irony, but collecting watches is actually a timeless hobby. You can start adding to your watch collection from a very young age, and then as you earn more money throughout your career, you’ll be able to acquire much more luxurious pieces. It’s important to take excellent care of every watch in your collection, however, so your collection doesn’t lose value if a watch has been damaged. A well designed designer watch can easily last for decades, but only if you take proper care of it through the years.

Wearing a luxury watch can not only change your style but it can change your entire outlook on your professional career. If you want to buy luxury watches and improve your look, contact Phigora today.

5 Fun Facts About Watches That You Probably Didn’t Know

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wood watches for menWhile timekeeping has been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t until 1868 that Patek Phillipe developed the very first wristwatch. The “Platinum Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch” sold for approximately $3.1 million in May 2008.

It is safe to say that watches are pretty important both as timekeeping devices and fashion statements. But even though you might pride yourself on your all wood watch, there’s probably a lot you still don’t know about the fascinating world of watches. Here are a few fun facts about wooden wrist watches and other timekeeping pieces that you might not have thought about before.

Alarm Watches
The first wristwatch with an alarm function built into it wasn’t developed until the 1900s. A Swiss company called Eterna was the very first watch making business in the world to produce such a thing. Full-scale production began in 1914.

World War II
While WWI started to leave pocket watches behind, it was WWII that effectively eliminated them as a fashion trend. During the second World War, soldiers were forbidden to wear any timekeeping piece that wasn’t a wristwatch. Of course, wood watches for men weren’t really an option back then, but the wooden wrist watches then certainly paved the way for modern natural wood watches.

Stanley Kubrick
Rather than use fake props, Kubrick actually approached a watch making company, Hamilton, to make digital timepieces for his film “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Although an electric watch had already been introduced, this paved the way for the first LED displays on watch faces.

Intended for Women
While men were using the pocket watch, wrist watches were originally developed for women of nobility. Queen Elizabeth I and many other royal women were known to have “arm watches.”

Watch Displays
Did you know that watches are typically displayed to show a certain time? Many watch displays have the timepieces set to ten minutes to 2:00, also known as “Happy Time” as the watch hands make a smile. So next time you’re searching for wood watches for men or women, take note!

Whether you want stainless steel watches or Hawaiian wood watches, these facts should make your next shopping experience an interesting one!

Where to Find Fabulous Wedding Sparklers In Your Area

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If you’re looking for a way to reinvent your wedding into something spectacular, you may want to invest in some wedding sparklers. Whether you choose long ones (around 36 inch sparklers) or you choose shorter ones (10 to 20 inch sparklers), there are quality wedding sparklers out there waiting for you to select from and innovate your wedding. If you wanted that “dream” of a wedding sparkler send off, where it’s like nothing but fireworks around you as you depart, you can do that at an affordable price nowadays. You no longer have to worry about what you want for your wedding, we have the perfect solution.

Wedding Sparklers for All Times of the Year
Whether you are getting married during the busiest times of the year, October and June, or your choosing one of the slower months, you deserve to have a day that is filled with magic. Your wedding needs to be the perfect dream to your perfect fairytale “Happily ever after” that you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Wedding sparklers can last anywhere between two to four hours and you’ll be able to party with them throughout the entire wedding ceremony. You can have all of your bridesmaids hold them for you as you do your vows and have the audience light there’s after you get married. What better could you ask for when it comes to a wedding?

Wedding Sparklers aren’t As Expensive
One of the reasons most women don’t think to get sparklers is because they assume they are extremely expensive. However, if you purchase enough for around 75% of the crowd, you’ll wind up with around 100 sparklers, since the average wedding has 136 guests. This means that you can get a huge discount from a factory who manufacturers these.

You want to make sure that you’re picking the perfect ones and you have the perfect people  holding them during the perfect times during your wedding ceremony. We said perfect so many times because your wedding needs to be just that — perfect. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t rock out like a Queen during your wedding. You own your wedding and if you want wedding sparklers, you should get them because this is your day.

Get Your Wedding Designed By a Wedding Planner
Choose a wedding planner who is willing to help you with your wedding sparklers. Most of these planners have the vision needed to help you with executing your wire sparklers without much hassle or problem. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your sparklers work or not, you should just know that they work.

Your wedding planner will deal with any problems that come up with your sparklers or any issue with your wedding, in general. What more could you ask for on such a stressful day? Be sure to hire the best person for the job because you deserve it. Take time to get to know your wedding planner and tell them your vision about wedding sparklers and see how they react. If they seem to be on the same page with your vision, you should consider hiring them for the job.

Get the Dream Wedding You Want
You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams. You shouldn’t have to be worried about anything when it comes to your wedding. Have people there who are willing to help you with executing your wedding sparklers to ensure that everyone goes off without a problem. Whether this is through a wedding planner or with your bridesmaids and fiance, be sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your wedding and what you want it to be.

Easy Tricks for Achieving the Perfect Beach Wave

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Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start perfecting your glamorous beach look. Nothing screams fun in the sun quite like a mane of sexy beach waves, but nailing the carefree nature of this hair style is not as easy as it sounds. The following tricks are good for creating the perfect hair salon quality beach wave in long or short hair styles.

Easy Tricks for Achieving Perfect Beach Waves

  • Texture spray: There are numerous products on the market that are designed to give your hair that gorgeous texture that naturally occurs after a day of relaxation in the sun and sand. It may not be warm enough yet to fully enjoy a tiki drink on the shore, but whoever said you can’t get happiness out of a bottle (a spray bottle, that is)?
  • Salt water: The truth is, you don’t really need to purchase a special product to get that windswept, fun-in-the-sun effect. Texture sprays work well, but when done right, regular old salt water can get the job done. In fact, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist used to spritz salt water on her hair before red carpet events and dab just a bit of sunscreen on the ends to polish off the look and add an authentic summer scent.
  • Curling iron: If you have naturally straight locks, texture or salt spray alone won’t cut it. You will need a bit more help in order to add body to hair. Try using a curling iron to create a loose wave quickly. Just section out your hair and clamp down for a few seconds on each section.
  • Braids: Did you know that you can achieve the effortless beach look in your sleep? Just twist your hair into loose braids while it is still wet from the shower. If you do this just before bed, you will wake up the next morning with waves that will actually stay. Just undo the braids and shake it out. Add some salt water or spray for a bit more hold and texture.

The great thing about hair is that it can be changed so easily. Women have an average of 104 different hairstyles throughout their lifetime. We often change our hair following the end of a relationship or simply because we are bored. As many as one-third of women change their hair after a break-up, and 61% say they alter their style simply because they “wanted a change.” Many of us change our hair with the seasons. As summer rolls in, why not try something new?

Ray ban lens replacement —- VIDEO

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Pink camo —- VIDEO

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Roomba 780 —- WATCH VIDEO

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Jewelry stores washington dc —- Video

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Silver for sale salem or —- FREE VIDEO

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