What Exactly Is Parcel Contract Auditing?


Parcel contract auditing can assist your business in reaping logistics benefits, not only for your operations but for your customers. This type of audit can help you save a good deal of money when you ship by UPS or FedEx. Don’t pay more than you need to if you regularly send out a high volume of parcels each day. By reviewing your logistics charges, you will only pay what you owe and increase your profit potential two-fold or three-fold.

Getting the Help You Need Through Parcel Contract Auditing

By agreeing to parcel contract auditing, you can save on delivery charges and charges for mistakes that aren’t the fault of your business. For example, this form of auditing allows you to use FedEx contract pricing optimization services. You can also receive freight pricing support and take advantage of parcel contract optimization policies. Get a UPS refund when billing mistakes or freight delivery errors are found as well.

If you currently think of yourself as a shipping cowboy, wrangling errors and trying to head off disputes, you need to outsource your parcel contract auditing work to an experienced negotiator – someone who knows what it takes to save your business money on parcel deliveries. In turn, you can focus on other aspects of your business – tasks that do not include filing claims, monitoring each shipment, checking for promised credits, or dealing with GSR waivers. The U.S. outranks just about everybody else in the world when it comes to parcel deliveries, paying approximately $119 billion of the parcel shipping costs out of the $317 billion spent worldwide. Therefore, you need to know what you are spending or sacrificing when paying for shipping.

Using a Third-party Source to Read the Fine Print

In the case of a GSR waiver, you may not know that you have waived your right to file a claim for compensation. A third-party outsource, who knows how to negotiate the terms of a shipping contract, can see if the language was slipped into your delivery agreement. If so, they can replace the waiver for another incentive after your contract is viewed and assessed, and before it is signed. Any incentive cannot be realized if you don’t use parcel contract benchmarking to meet your delivery needs.

By taking advantage of parcel contract auditing, you can recoup lost funds from items that manifested but never shipped, costs for late deliveries, erroneous pricing, and more. You don’t need to change your accounting process. You just need to make sure the contract you use for shipping makes sense (and “cents”). After the parcel auditing contract process is completed, you can get some valuable insights – insights that will assist you in future shipping negotiations with shipping providers, such as FedEx or UPS. Use the reporting to standardize your logistics process as you go forward. Give us a call today to ensure you are making money by saving on your deliveries.

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