5 Reasons Sanibel Island Is The Perfect Summer Destination


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Sanibel Island is a beautiful gem located on Florida’s southern Gulf coast. While the Sunshine State is also home to much more well-known places like Orlando and Miami, Sanibel Island is a special place full of white sand beaches and outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy. The island has 15 miles of white sand beaches and only about 6,000 year-round residents, makIng it a haven for relaxation and sunshine that anyone can enjoy. If you’re looking for a great place to travel to this summer, here are five reasons to put Sanibel Island at the top of your list. You’ll want to check into condo weekly rentals for your family ASAP!

1. The weather is beautiful and perfect for outdoor activities

South Florida has an average annual temperature of 82.7 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. That means summer is the perfect time for your family to visit the island and enjoy outdoor activities! Many Sanibel vacation rentals will boast direct access to the beach, and have lots of accommodations like grills and bike rentals.

2. It’s a great place for shelling

If you and your family really enjoy collecting for shells while you’re on the beach, this is a great place to visit! Sanibel Island is home to over 250 species of shells, which means your family can have fun together looking for and collecting shells in all different sizes and colors. It’s a great excuse to walk along the beautiful white beaches! Take your shells home and make crafts with them or keep them as a memento. Many Sanibel condo weekly rentals offer direct beach access, which means it’s easy to go shelling or tanning at any time that’s convenient for your family, without long treks.

3. It’s quiet and perfect for relaxation

Florida is also home to Orlando and Miami, which are two bigger cities that boast several attractions for both couples and families. The downside is that they can also be loud and crowded, whereas Sanibel Island is home to only about 6,000 year-round residents. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the time with your family without all the racket that comes with visiting a big city, but still get to have all the fun! You can relax on the beach, go bike riding, and enjoy a cookout with your family in a space that is much more tranquil.

4. There are no buildings to block the sun

If you’ve visited any major beach destination, you’ve probably noticed that they boast tall hotels overlooking the ocean. While that might be nice for hotel guests who want a great view of the water, it’s not so great for the people trying to tan on the beach because they will block the sun as the day goes on. Sanibel Island has a strict building code and only has two buildings that are over three stories high! Therefore, you’ll be able to tan without your sunshine being obstructed by towering hotel buildings. All the more reason to look for condo weekly rentals on this beautiful beach!

5. Vacations are important to your well-being

It’s easy to get burnt out at work, and taking a relaxing vacation at Sanibel Island can be very rejuvenating. It can help reduce stress, which can have detrimental effects on the body like raising blood pressure and affecting sleep quality. Taking a vacation offers you a chance to spend time with loved ones and boost your happiness level. Renting a beachfront condo with your family allows you to forget about work for a while and enjoy quality time with your loved ones while riding bikes, enjoying nature, and cooking together. You can all play beach activities, like frisbee and beach volleyball together and enjoy the warm summer weather.

There are several condo weekly rentals awaiting you on this little gem of an island! Are you convinced you should make Sanibel Island your summer destination? Tell us in the comments!

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