Best Clip In Hair Extensions


This YouTube video is about the best natural hair extensions, and how to keep your hair healthy.

She opens up the video by talking about the best type of shampoo and condition to use. You will want to use something that maintains your natural hair’s health and strength.

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On the subject of hair health, the girl in the video talks about how to make your hair look and feel thicker. She talks about hair treatments to use which keeps your natural hair from drying out. She likes to use a hair product that can be left in overnight, to maintain her hair health.

Before putting in any hair extension clip-ins ensure to get hair trimmed of any split-ends. She states it is best to match the thickness (or thinness) of your hair with the extension. She states the best natural hair extensions are ones that match your natural hair.

She goes on in the video to show the viewer how she clips her hair extensions in. Stating one does not have to be perfect. Just section the hair and clip them in.

This video gives the viewer a thorough explanation of how hair extension clip-ons are used. Once you reach the end of the video, you will feel like a pro on hair extension clip-ins!.

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