Best True Summer Makeup Shades to Consider This Year


As each season rolls in, it brings with it a fresh wave of color trends and makeup inspiration. For those who identify with the True Summer palette, understanding which shades best complement your natural features can make a world of difference in your beauty routine. True Summer, characterized by cool, muted, and gentle hues, calls for makeup shades that enhance your natural beauty without overwhelming your soft and subtle features. Here’s a guide to the best True Summer makeup shades to consider this year, ensuring you look effortlessly radiant and on-trend.

Understanding the True Summer Palette
The True Summer makeup palette is defined by cool undertones and muted shades that evoke a sense of tranquility and softness. True Summers typically have ashy or mousy hair, blue, gray, or turquoise eyes, and a complexion that leans towards cool and light.

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The goal is to complement these features with colors that harmonize rather than contrast sharply.

Foundation and Concealer: Light and Cool
Choosing the right base is crucial for a seamless makeup look. For True Summers, it’s essential to select foundations and concealers with cool undertones. Look for shades labeled as porcelain, light beige, or cool ivory. These will blend well with your natural complexion, providing a smooth canvas without adding unwanted warmth.

Foundation: Opt for lightweight foundations that offer a natural finish. Products like the Pixi H2O SkinTint in Porcelain provide just the right amount of coverage while keeping the skin looking fresh and dewy.
Concealer: For concealer, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly or Vanilla is perfect for covering blemishes and brightening the under-eye area without appearing too heavy or cakey.
Eyeshadows: Cool Tones and Muted Hues
True Summer eyeshadows should enhance the cool tones of your eyes while maintaining a soft, natural look. Avoid overly bright or warm colors and instead focus on shades of cool blues, grays, and purples.

Soft Blues: A cool, muted blue like the one found in the Trinny London Eye2Eye in Mystery can add depth to your eyes without being overpowering.
Cool Grays: Shades like the Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Tissé Essentiel offer a range of cool grays that can create a sophisticated, smoky eye.
Lavender and Mauve: These shades work beautifully on True Summers. Look for products like the Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Slate or the MAC Eye Shadow in Malt for a gentle touch of color.
Eyeliners and Mascaras: Gentle Definition
For eyeliners and mascaras, it’s best to stick with cool-toned options that provide definition without harshness. Charcoal, navy, and soft black are excellent choices.

Eyeliner: The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Mushroom offers a soft, cool gray that defines the eyes subtly. For a more dramatic look, try the Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl in Marlene Midnight, a beautiful navy blue.
Mascara: Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara in Beyond Blue can add a pop of color while still aligning with the cool True Summer palette. Alternatively, a soft black mascara will work well for daily wear.
Blush: Cool Pinks and Mauves
The right blush can bring a lovely flush to your cheeks, enhancing your natural True Summer complexion. Stick with cool pinks, soft mauves, and muted berries.

Cool Pink: NARS Blush in Desire provides a fresh, cool pink that brightens the face.
Mauve: Bobbi Brown Blush in Desert Pink offers a soft mauve that complements the True Summer palette perfectly.
Berry: For a deeper flush, try the Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop, which adds a cool, vibrant touch to the cheeks.
Lip Colors: Soft Pinks and Muted Berries
When it comes to lip colors, True Summers shine in cool, soft shades that enhance their natural lip color without overpowering it. Look for pinks, mauves, and soft berries.

Soft Pink: MAC Lipstick in Angel is a beautiful soft pink that suits the True Summer palette well.
Muted Mauve: The Trinny London Lip2Cheek in Munchkin offers a versatile mauve that can be used on both lips and cheeks.
Berry: A sheer berry like the Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey can add a subtle, buildable tint that works for both day and night.
Finishing Touches: Highlighters and Powders
For the finishing touches, True Summers should opt for cool-toned highlighters and translucent powders that set the makeup without altering the natural coolness of their complexion.

Highlighter: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl adds a soft, cool glow to the high points of your face.
Translucent Powder: The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Translucent helps set makeup without adding any warmth, keeping your look fresh all day.
By focusing on these cool, muted shades, you can create a makeup look that enhances your True Summer features beautifully. Remember, the key is to embrace the softness and coolness of your natural coloring, ensuring your makeup feels harmonious and effortlessly chic.

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