Can One Really Have Too Many T-shirts?


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Most people have a favorite t-shirt, sometimes more than one. And why not? They provide a laid back, go-to look that many people can identify with, and they are quite versatile. T-shirts are also the comfortable, easy way to wear what you’re thinking or feeling, or to get a message out, or to promote a business, product, or service. One of the largest types of products as far as sales generated is wearables, which includes hats, jackets, and yes of course, t-shirts. Want people to understand just exactly what kind of mood you are in today without having to open your mouth? Wear the funny t-shirt that explains it. Want to reminisce about the trip you took for vacation a few years ago? Wear the t-shirt you bought at the beach shop. Can’t find the perfect t-shirt to express what you want? Find a few good t-shirt printing services and figure out how to get it done yourself.

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Long gone are the days when people bit their tongues or politely excused themselves from conversations they did not quite agree with. This is the age of being heard, of standing up for what you believe in, of letting people know how you feel about politics, or religion, or that cat meme you can’t get enough of. And there are some pretty great options out there for expressive and entertaining t-shirts. But sometimes you have something even more specific that you want to say, and that is when you turn to t-shirt printing services. Most screen printing services will work with you to produce exactly the look that you want. And once you have precisely the look you want, whether it is to showcase something you are passionate about or to commemorate something important to you, you’ll have it for good, joining the ranks of the approximately 90% of Americans who have one or more t-shirts that they can’t ever seem to get rid of, for sentimental reasons.

Finding the right t-shirt printing services for your business
By far, the most popular type of t-shirt is made with cotton. There are about 29 million tons of cotton that are produced for use and distribution each and every year, which is enough to make 29 t-shirts for every single person on the planet. Cotton t-shirts are a pretty good way to go if you want to get your name out there, or promote your business, product, service, or event. In fact, with about 70% of men and 54% of women in the United States today owning at least 10 t-shirts, your chances of finding people who want a free or cheap t-shirt are pretty great. Your promotional t-shirts could be worn by people all over the place, spreading your name and giving publicity to your business. Of course it doesn’t have to be a regular boring shirt, either. You could opt for custom compressed t-shirts, compressing the shirts into the shape of something related to your business, or you could give out custom printed promotional tote bags. And who would say no to promotional towels, especially if you are wise enough to position yourself at the beach.

T-shirts are the popular article of clothing for just about any age group or demographic. They can be as simple or as jazzed up as the designer behind it wants it to be. And for all the t-shirts that are already out there in the world, the world will always want more of them. So keep designing, keep coming up with better and better ideas, and people will keep wanting to wear them. And, to be honest, you probably will too. Just add the hot, newly designed t-shirts to your ever growing collection, and wear a different mood, sentiment, or product each and every day.

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