Do You Have All of the Details Worked Out for Your Big Day?


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The wedding was on Saturday, but the celebration started on Thursday.
At 3:00 pm two days before the wedding most of the family and bridesmaids and groomsmen checked into the host hotel to begin the preparations for the big celebration. And while many of the details of the wedding were carefully planned, the bride had allowed plenty of room for the tastes of the wedding party. For instance, even though she had spent entire weekends carefully crafting the party favors that every guest would take home from the celebration, she allowed her bridesmaids to pick any dress that they wanted as long as it was in a neutral color. Even when the mother of the bride suggested that her daughter at least approve of their choices, the bride insisted that if her attendants were going to be paying for their own dresses they should be able to make their own choices.
And speaking of attendants, the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen were not even. Although most brides want to make sure that pairs of attendants walk down the aisle together, this bride did not care that she only had six ladies standing by her side and that her groom had eight. So the bride who had to certain that she had exactly enough quality wedding sparklers for every guest simply assigned two groomsmen to two of her attendants.
This mixture of close attention to some details and allowing for variations in others worked out beautifully. In fact, many of the guests said that this was the best wedding they had ever attended. And when the bride, who allowed the live band to select the songs they played at the dance, joined the musicians and sang lead vocals on the last signature song of the evening, there was barely a dry eye in the house. You could tell their were tears in the eyes of the partiers and dancers still in attendance because their faces were lit with another round of quality wedding sparklers!
Brides Plan Many Special Touches to Help Them Celebrate and Remember Their Wedding Day
From smokeless sparklers for a wedding photo shoot to quality wedding sparklers that last for many minutes, many brides select these clever favors for guests to hold or to be used as centerpieces in large glass vases. With the use of slow motion and alternating fast shutter settings, professional photographers love the addition of these unique lighting effects. And while a traditional sparkler only lasts for 45 seconds, 36 inch quality wedding sparklers last much longer.
Whether your wedding is held in the most popular months of June or October or you are planning a celebration during the weekend of a winter holiday, a bride and her family can always find a unique item that can mark the celebration. The fact that the number of marriages in the U.S. have remained between 2.1 million and 2.2 million a year for many years, means that no bride will ever be able to design a ceremony that will stand out from all of the others. What they can do, however, is tweak available options to match their own personalities. The bride who is able to give up a little bit of control, for instance, can use a traditional video of childhood photos to tell the couples’ story, but still provide a twist. Some professional photographers, for example, will, if you let them, do all of the necessary work of scanning and editing childhood photos and first date photos, engagement photos, and everything in between and also insert individual answers to questions that might even surprise the couple.
Perhaps the secret to any good wedding is knowing what needs to be planned in the utmost detail and what can be left to chance. And while no one wants to run out of food at the reception, it is okay if not everything is perfectly scripted. If you want to both remember and enjoy your wedding, the secret is also to find a wedding planner who can help take care of some of the details and help guide you in the entire planning process. You want to enjoy your day as much as your guests holding the sparklers!

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