Don’t Take Your Bath Towels Down to the Pool This Summer!


Your summer prep isn’t complete without new beach towels. Many families don’t bother with special towels for taking to the pool or to the beach. They might think that all towels are alike and serve the same purpose of removing excess water from your body. Yet the towels we use in our bathrooms are not suitable for other occasions. There are a few specific reasons why beach towels are preferable for summer activities.

Aren’t All Towels Pretty Much the Same Across the Board?

If you didn’t want to order towels online and were to instead go to the bath towel aisle of any home goods store, you would quickly notice the difference in quality between price points. Some brands produce towels that are luxuriously thick and soft. Other brands are more focused on delivering a decent towel at a budget- friendly price. The difference in towels is not only regulated to price points though.

Is There a Downside to Order Towels Online Instead of Buying In the Store?

If you were to order towels online, you would need to rely on descriptions of towels to guess how soft the product would be. The convenience of online shopping is hindered by the inability to “test” certain aspects of products before buying. Who doesn’t love stepping out of the bath into a fresh, fluffy towel? However, the question of fluffiness is not as big a concern when it you buy a beach towel online.

Bath Towels vs. Beach Towels: Is There Really a Difference?

Beach towels serve a different purpose than a bath towel. While both are meant to remove extra water from your body, a beach towel is asked to perform other tasks as well. For example, at the beach 53% of people like to spend their time sunbathing, while about 48% like to read instead. Only about 13% choose to spend their time exercising. The needs of the people doing not much more than relaxing are different than those who are getting sweaty and probably sandy.

Bath towels are meant to absorb extra water from a clean body. The towels are dealing with clean water, and are never subjected to harsh conditions. Beach towels are meant to handle sand, chlorine, salt water, direct sunlight, and being laid out on the ground while still staying vibrant. The trick is to take good care of the beach towel so that it lasts.

Tips For Buying Beach Towels and Their Care.

A good beach towel will be able to handle your summer activities. For kids playing at the pool full color printed towels are perfect. An adult who participates in triathlons might appreciate a towel that folds up small and dries quickly. Regardless of the type you choose, wash towels after each use in cold water. Remember to shake out any sand before throwing the towels in the washing machine.

When it comes to towels, don’t be afraid to spend the time to purchase the right towel for the job. While many people do have relaxed rules about appropriate beach attire, a good beach towel is a smart addition.

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