Finding the Best Glasses for your Face


Your eyeglasses can totally change the look of your face. So it’s important to find a pair that fits your features and your face shape. You don’t want a pair that accentuates your least favorite features.

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Instead, your glasses should illuminate the best parts about you. You deserve to feel confident and happy in your glasses. After all, you’re probably going to wear them every day. So put a good amount of time and energy into picking your perfect pair.

Visiting an eyeglasses retailer or eye doctor is the best option. This will give you the widest variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Have fun experimenting! Don’t be afraid to pick up something that may be out of your comfort zone. Who knows how it’ll actually look on your face? You won’t know until you try! Try a wide swath of styles and shapes and have someone take photos of you from different angles if you can. You want to make sure you’d look good in any situation!

This video offers more tips for matching your face shape to a pair of glasses. Take a look at this video before venturing to the store to give you a jumping-off point. Happy shopping!

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