How I Make My Scrunchies In Bulk


If you’re looking to start a new side hobby, going online and using a resellers store has become more and more popular over time. As people have been staying home, they’ve been finding ways to make a little extra money, and one of those ways is making hair scrunchies. A hair scrunchie is basically a hair tie with designs. There are different styles, like butterfly scrunchies. These make it easy to express yourself using a small accessory that is relatively cheap.

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If you’re looking to start your own business though, you need to learn how to produce these in bulk so that you have plenty of products to put out into the market. The first thing you need to get into something like this is a sewing machine. Most of the materials are generally inexpensive, but the sewing machine is what pretty much runs the whole business. Once you have the scrunchies made, try to sell a 3 pack of scrunchies to move them quicker. The best scrunchies aren’t the ones that are made out of the best materials but have the most thought put into them.

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