How To Become A Piercing Apprentice


Types of body piercings

Have you ever wondering how to become a piercing apprentice? Perhaps you have a passion for piercing and want to learn from someone you admire, or maybe you are just looking for a new career path and think piercing is something you might enjoy. No matter what your reason may be, if you want to learn how to body pierce then you’ll need to know the trade well. Below are just a few basics to get out of the way now:

1. How to Become a Piercing Apprentice – When you start to research body piercing apprenticeship programs you will quickly find that the requirements are simple, but extremely important. First, your apprenticeship will require that you work in a reputable under a skilled professional. This may sound obvious, but your abilities as a piercing artist in the future will be reliant on the person you choose to teach you in the beginning. The other step in becoming a piercing apprenticeship is to complete a bloodborne pathogens training class. How to become a piercing apprentice isn’t as hard as you would think!

2. Piercing Statistics – Did you know that 83% of Americans have had their earlobes pierced at some point in time? Piercings seem to always be growing in popularity. In fact, 14% of Americans have a piercing on their body other than earlobe. For women, the naval is the most popular piercing location, and for men it is the nipple. There are various body piercing types and locations that you will learn about throughout your apprenticeship. Just one more reason to make sure you choose a great studio and teacher.

3. Learning To Love Your Art – According to successful piercing artists, the apprentices who excel the fastest are the ones who truly have a deep calling to the art form. Viewing your role as that of an artist is incredibly important for a career like piercing. You are essentially adding art to people’s bodies which is quite a bit of pressure! Your passion for that art really matters.

So if you have been wondering how to become a piercing apprentice now you know a little more than you did. There are certain requirements you must meet and one of the most important parts of the apprenticeship process is finding your mentor and teacher. This person will mold you into the artist you will become and hopefully you will be able to give that experience to another individual in the years to come.

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