How to Choose the Right Window Treatments For Your Home


Which is better for your home – curtains or blinds? In this video, Mrs. Cath shares some of the things she has learned after two years of covering the windows in her home.

Curtains are the cheaper choice and they are suitable for most windows. The downside to curtains is that they can be knocked down easily by kids or pets. Curtains are a beautiful addition to most rooms, but they don’t work when you are running a fan.

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Blinds are a better choice for areas where kids are playing, but Venetian blinds are too delicate and easy to break. Korean combi blinds are better for kids and pets because they are stronger and more durable.

There are also glass window decals that are beautiful and allow lots of light into a room, but they can’t be taken down or adjusted. Blackout curtains are heavier curtains that don’t allow any light into the room at all, to help people who want darkness during the day.

Curtains are usually enough for most rooms, but other window treatments are available to help create a nice environment.

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