I Want To Look My Best What Fashion Items Is My Closet Missing?


Exotic boots

Fashion is everything. It’s how you express yourself, make a good first impression, how you create the ultimate tipping point when you’re applying for a job. In a short? Fashion makes the world go ’round. So what do you do when your wardrobe doesn’t have the punch it used to? A pair of exotic boots or a wide leather belt can really add some sparkle to a drooping closet and the list below is going to walk you through all the basics required to transform your look. Don’t go on that date or apply for that position without brushing up on the appeal of artisan shoes and how to keep your leather wares shining!

A Nice Pair Of Shoes Go A Long Way

Say you’re a pretty busy person that just doesn’t have the time needed to plan out each outfit and pose in front of the mirror. You may be interested in looking into formal shoes for men. A nice pair of shoes can make even the plainest outfit stand out, making it look like you put some effort into your look when you did anything but. Men’s designer shoes have seen a sales growth of nearly 40% in a five-year span.

Invest In Some Quality Leather Products

Leather is a beautiful material for more reasons than one. It’s an old recipe for high fashion that’s been around for hundreds of years, as functional as it is fashionable. A wide leather belt can give your outfit a nice touch, while a pair of leather shoes can fit any occasion. Formal lace-up shoes are split into two major categories — Derbies and Oxfords — and they can give your wardrobe some serious polish all days of the year.

Try Something New And Go Exotic

Maybe you’re feeling a little bold and really want to branch out. The fashion industry has just the thing. A wide leather belt can come in a wealth of different patterns and colors, ideal for when you want to stretch your wings but not go too far in any one direction. Exotic leathers, ranging form crocodile to stingray, account for 1% of all globally-traded leathers. The average consumer is said to have at least four leather items on them at any point in time.

Take Good Care Of Your Leather Products

It’s not enough to just buy a wide leather belt or a shiny new pair of dress shoes. You need to take good care of them. Leather dress shoes can accommodate many thousands of flexes. However, over time they can wrinkle and droop and even crack. Shoe trees are highly recommended to keep your shoes feeling their best. They work by keeping the shape of the shoe while drying them out faster.

Go Bold Or Go Home

Fashion is who you are. Why not go all the way? There are designer leather belts and crocodile skins shoes just waiting for you to give them your own unique spin. Men’s spending on luxury fashion items grew almost twice as fast as women’s back in 2011, reaching an impressive 40% of global sales. These also take into account additional products such as shoe polish and shoe trees. There’s no need to feel sheepish about your desire to look good. Give artisan shoes a try and see how they can make you glow from the outside in.

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