Interesting Facts About Redheads


Mascara for redheads

Interestingly enough, red heads require more anesthesia during surgery. What about lipstick for redheads?

According to the ancient Greeks,it is said that red heads turn to vampires after they die. Mark Twain had an interesting view point, stating that ‘While the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats.’ In fact, in ancient Rome, it is mentioned that redheaded slaves were far more expensive than that of any other hair color. So, that must make mascara for redheads a lot more rich and expensive than a brunettes finer taste. How about lipstick for redheads? Does lipstick for redheads cost more than what a blonde or brunette would purchase? Redhead makeup seems as though it might be higher quality, higher the price to some degree as you look a just the lipstick for redheads but consider their reputation and status. This might seem unfair to other hair colored individuals, light and dark. While all of these interesting facts play a role in a redhead makeup, you will also find it interesting that behavioral factors such as lying, red hot sexuality, peculiarity and flaming tempers that have been associated with red hair.

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