Interior Design Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2017


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The new year is here, and with all those new year’s resolutions to think of, you can’t forget your home! Good interior design mixed up with modern Italian furniture will be able to transform your home into a great oasis. Here are some of the best design trends to keep an eye out for during this upcoming year.

Neutrals and metallics

A huge trend in the new year has to do with a neutral color scheme dotted with bright and shiny metallics. Think beige and rose gold, cream and silver, and grey and gold. You can even mismatch all of your metals together to create a sparkly theme that any guest will be a fan of. The color combinations are truly endless.

Investing in quality pieces

If you have to invest in anything, make it fantastic leather Italian sofas. These pieces will last the test of time, and can go with any decor you choose. Luxury Italian leather sofas are sure to impress and pack a punch. Remember, you can never go wrong with high end furniture in a dark hue.


Pick two colors to focus on and then have a texture to focus on. The best way to do so is through wallpaper, meaning you could have a velvet, studded, or even leather accents on your walls to really make everything pop. Interior designers believe that unexpected design parings such as bleached wood, fluffy rugs, and raw metals are a great for minimalist decor without trying too hard.

Highly lacquered areas

These are great if you want to camouflage shelving and to streamline areas with a lot of storage such as your kitchen. This modern look is great with a darker wood such as cherry wood and mahogany.

Considering your furniture as a piece of art

Instead of viewing it as being a functional piece, choose your furniture to be a piece of art to show off. If this means investing in one expensive piece, go ahead! Colorful chairs, luxury Italian leather sofas, and large coffee tables can be used as good focal pieces.

Keep these in mind the next time you decorate and you will have an interior decor that will be one for the history books. Continue reading here.

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