Looking For A Cute And Practical Gift? Try A Pair Of Footie Pajamas


Womens footed pjs

Is your heating bill a little too high? Are you looking to be more comfortable and relaxed around the house? What about buying a cute and affordable gift for friends and family? PJs for adult men and women, such as adult foot pajamas or adult onesies, are the most practical and fun nightwear around. They encourage a better night’s sleep, are easy to take care of and you can even find them in a wide variety of prints, styles and materials! Let’s take a look at why footed pajamas are the most beloved form of sleepwear across the country and how you can go about buying the right pair for you or someone you know.

Fun Facts

Did you know that over 70% of Americans wear pajamas to bed? They’re easily the most comfortable way to sleep! While keeping soft and snuggly nightwear is common for many people, a survey saw 61% of respondents admitting they don’t have many pairs to switch through every week. Another poll even saw the average man wearing his pajamas for a whopping two weeks in a row before washing them, while women averaged at around 17 days. Do you prefer a single pair of adult pajama onesies or do you like to switch it up?

Kid Pajama Onesies

While PJs for adult are a staple for most American men and women, kids don’t like to miss out on the fun, either! A fun pair of pajamas, particularly ones with adorable patterns or funny hoods, can be great birthday or Christmas gifts for your little ones. Even better are the warmth they provide during the winter months, when you’re more than a little hesitant to turn up your thermostat. Newborn babies, as well, will sleep an average of 14 to 17 hours per day. This is essential for encouraging healthy physical and mental development, with a gentle onesie providing them with the security and warmth they need to stay comfortable no matter what. Babies aren’t the only ones who need good sleep, however, and pajamas more than deliver on that front!

Sleep Habits

Probably the most well-known effect of a good pair of pajamas are the comfort and warmth they provide from head to toe. It’s estimated four in 10 Americans get less than the recommended amount of nightly sleep (even eight hours isn’t enough for some), with common factors ranging from chronic stress, a bad mattress and, yes, even a poor pair of nightwear! A lack of sleep can take a real toll on your physical and emotional health, even affecting your ability to get sick during the cold months, and shouldn’t be neglected when you lay your head to rest. Buying a good pair of pajamas can keep you warm, comfortable and encourage that REM cycle to come a little more quickly.

Finding A Onesie Pajama

Shopping for PJs for adult family members or your children? No problem! The most important factors to consider are both size and material, as the most adorable pair of pajamas won’t mean much if they don’t fit or cause a skin reaction. Medium sized adult pajamas generally fit people less than 5’10” and 180 pounds, with the majority of footsie pajamas coming in different forms of fleece fabric. While 100 and 200 are pleasantly smooth and soft, 300 is by far the thickest and least flexible of the types. Shrinkage is common in footed pajamas, so keep a close eye on your dryer settings. Day or night, rain or shine, footie pajamas will never go out of style!

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