Taking Care of Italian Leather Shoes


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One exceptional piece of footwear would be Italian mens shoes. Italy is a country known for putting care into every product they made. Italian footwear is known around the world for its superior quality. Advances in technology have allowed for Italian mens shoes to be affordable for almost everyone.

Recent research shows that designer mens footwear has seen retail sales grow 39 percent, from 2009 to 2014. Another survey found that 55 percent of one?s opinion of another comes from their physical appearance. It is understandable to want to maintain the life of such elegant footwear. Leather footwear makes a first impression that is destined to impress. In this post, you will learn easy tips for maintaining Italian leather shoes.

  • Shoe Trees: As much as you love your leather footwear, you will have to take them off. During the times you aren?t wearing shoes they can lose their shape. A shoe tree is a device made to fit within a shoe.

    It is important to use a shoe tree to help a shoe maintain its shape. In addition, these devices will prevent creases. Using a shoe tree will help to ensure that your Italian leather shoes maintain a brand new appearance.

  • Leather Cleaner: There are a wide array of leather cleaners that are widely available. It is recommended that you start out lightly with these cleaners. Many cleaners are safe for handling a wide variety of leather types.

    Start by cleaning a small area of the shoe. Cleaning slowly helps to reduce the adverse effects of a negative reaction. If possible, try to purchase a leather cleaner that does not contain harsh cleaners. Using leather cleaners and shoe tree can extend the life of Italian mens shoes to last 10 times longer.

  • Consider Buying Pairs to Rotate: It is recommended that you rotate your shoes every other day. As you walk, the shoes you wear compress over time. If shoes don?t have adequate resting time, compression can lead to increased wear.

    You will likely see positive effects by rotating shoes even twice a week. Italian mens shoes are very durable. However, every shoe will wear down faster being worn every day. Rotating shoes helps to maintain the brand new shoe appearance for a longer duration.

  • Avoid Water: One natural enemy of leather is water. Italian loafers for men should avoid landing in any water, if at all possible. Water can cause leather to change its form, often leading to shrinking.

    Italian mens shoes can hold up to rain that comes with everyday life. However, if you are going to be around a lot of water, you might want to change shoes.

  • In closing, caring for your Italian leather shoes is important. A few simple tools like leather cleaner and a shoe tree can greatly increase the lifespan of a shoe. Purchasing multiple pairs of shoes ensures your shoes don?t become too compressed. Letting shoes rest for even a day helps them to maintain their natural shape. It is wise to avoid excess water while wearing Italian mens shoes. Following these tips will keep your shoes lasting a very long time!

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