The Basics of Working with Vinyl Signs


Sign making supplies

Did you know that adhesive tape was invented in 1930 by Richard Gurley Drew? Today, there are many different types of tape available for a variety of purposes. There is the multipurpose adhesive tape, of course, ideal for paper and other small fixes. Concrete tape is double coated and made for use with concrete walls, cement, cinder blocks, et cetera. What the purpose of concrete tape? Basically, it secures signage so that you do not need to drill or tape screws into cement surfaces. Concrete tape bonds especially well with porous surfaces, such as concrete, and has an extra thick layer of glue in order to keep things securely in place.

Signs have traditionally been made of vinyl, and vinyl is at this point in time the second most produced plastic in the entire world. Many thousands of items, not just banners and signs, are produced from vinyl. Examples include floor tiles, wiring, floor mats and shower curtains. The vinyl banner industry has grown from the traditional cut banners to banners being printed using ultra wide format inkjet printers.

If you are a business owner considering working with vinyl signs, you will need vinyl sign supplies like sign hanging hardware, vinyl cutter supplies, et cetera. These items are essential to working with signs. It is also recommended that you have something called spider feet to use for your sign holding needs. What are spider feet? They are durable steel feet that stand your signs vertically. They can handle substantial amounts of weight and are guaranteed to hold signs in place. Also important to have is an emblem removal tool for vinyl decals, such as those placed on cars or other surfaces.

Many people enjoy working with signs and it can be a profitable experience if done right, and with the proper tools.

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