The Beauty of Sea Glass Jewelry


Sea glass can be found all around the globe, and it’s been in existence ever since the art of making glass was first introduced in ancient Mesopotamia, prior to 2000 B.C. According to Wikipedia, authentic sea glass begins its life as shards of broken glass bottles or tableware. After many years of being tumbled and rolled in the depths of the ocean, sharp edges are eventually worn off and the glass is worn down, giving it a frosted look.

Even now, we’re still fascinated by its beauty.

Today, the North American Sea Glass Association, founded in 2007, is about 90 members strong.

With so many different sea glass colors present, ranging from the softest seafoam green all the way to black, it seems only natural that we want to craft it into memorable works of art and give those we love beautiful gifts made from sea glass.

Finding the perfect present for someone special is tough. But you can never go wrong with a homemade gift from the heart. Try your hand at creating a one-of-a-kind piece of sea glass art, just for them. A sentimental photo set in the sea glass frame that you made will always be treasured.

When you’re stumped for a unique way to accessorize your outfit, try checking out different types of sea glass rings and find just the right one to go with what you’re wearing. Add a gorgeous sea glass bracelet in a coordinating color. Finish with a sea glass necklace and matching earrings. Everyone will think you spent hours putting your stylish look together. Only you will know how effortless it really was.

Weddings are such a special occasion, and couples search for the ideal way to make theirs stand out and show the world what they’re about as a couple. There’s no better way to do that than to have custom sea glass rings designed especially with the two of you in mind. The stunning results will be admired and cherished for many years to come.

The next time you’re at the beach, keep a sharp lookout as you stroll along the sand. There are hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered by you.

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