The Many Benefits of Donating and Recycling


We Americans are a generous group. At some level, and in some way, nearly all of us –95.4%–give to charity. This is a wonderful statistic, and really exemplifies the American spirit. It is something to be proud of!

In addition to monetary donations, giving items as donations for non profit organizations is also something to be proud of. It is a way of life to remember as we go about our everyday routines. Charitable donations are always needed and always appreciated. But many of us would find ourselves asking how to get this done. Trying to find out how to donate to charity does not have to be complicated or difficult.

Donations for non profit organizations are widely accepted. Are you wondering, for instance, ‘where can I donate clothing?’ You won’t have much trouble finding an answer, because, in fact, many groups will arrange to pick up if you want to donate clothing or other items, just to make it convenient for you.

And Americans are paying attention to this need to donate clothing and pitching into this cause. In the United States, recycled goods and donations for non profit organizations were estimated to reach 2 million tons in the year 2011. And these figures keep growing.

Besides feeling like you have done something good for an organization that is looking out for others, there is another reason to donate clothing and other items for non profit organizations. Recycling and donating are great choices for the environment, too.

Each year, the average American disposes of textile waste totaling about 82 pounds. And while approximately 75% of all solid waste is recyclable, according to the EPA, the total that is actually recycled only reaches about 30%. Just think if all this were recycled, instead!

Two of the main sources for donations for non profit organizations are very close to home: your closet and your kitchen. Clothing, as mentioned, is always a wonderful choice as a donation. Once you start going through your gently used sweaters, coats, shirts, pants, skirts and blouses, you won’t believe the things that you no longer need!

And the same thing is true for household items, as well. They are highly useful and in great need. Items such as decorative pillows, rugs and lamps, and kitchen accessories like dishware, mugs and even place mats and tablecloths are great to donate and to recycle.

To sum up, there are so many benefits to donating and recycling. You are doing something good for others as well as for the environment…and you might be giving yourself an excuse to do a bit of recreational shopping, too. Clearly, donations for non profit organizations are the ultimate “win-win”!

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