The Rich History of Jewelry Lasts For Ages


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The first gold coins of record were Grecian and struck in Lydia around the year 700 BC. 18 karat gold containing 25 percent copper is found in antique and Russian jewelry and has a distinct, not very dominant, copper cast that creates ‘gold rose.’ White gold alloys are made up of palladium and nickel. In the early 20th century, the jewelry industry tried to popularize wedding rings for men, and it caught on, as well as engagement rings for men, which unfortunately did not. Gold can be made into sewing thread because it is so pliable. The rich heritage of jewelry extends well into the past and is a big reason why people cherish it as heirlooms and reminders of tradition. In the event you are in search of Indian jewelry Phoenix, it might be best advised to start exploring places that offer cash for gold Phoenix.

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