What is an Intense Pulse Light Treatment?


Intense pulse light, or the IPL treatment, is a cosmetic treatment for the skin. People can use it to reduce any signs of aging or perhaps remove unwanted hair. The IPL treatment also includes reducing the appearance of darker patches of skin, and scars and enhancing the appearance of veins.

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In this blog, you will learn more about IPL treatment and how it works.

How Does IPL Treatment Work?

IPL treatment uses light energy to target accurately and remove damaged or pigmented hair follicles or skin cells. It uses a handheld device, which medical professionals will target various wavelengths of light on the skin. The light also heats the cells of the skin that breaks.

Risks and Side Effects of IPL

Did you know that IPL treatment is truly safe for people, yet it’s not always suitable for everyone? Pregnant women who are blood thinners must avoid IPL treatment. Also, other factors will make the people not suitable for IPL.

* recently or currently taking an acne drug Accutane
* people with active acne
* those who suffer from skin resurfacing disorder
* susceptible to keloid scarring
* severe scarring
* recently suffered severe sunburn

How Effective is IPL Treatment?

IPL treatment’s effectiveness varies on a lot of things. It works better on light brown or white skin rather than darker skin. Another factor is the equipment a healthcare professional uses in the procedure.


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