What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring


So, you’re planning to propose to your girl and don’t have any idea about choosing diamond rings for women. Of course, you want to pull off that significant moment of your life; so without further ado, here are things to know about diamond rings for women.

1. Size of the Ring

Before you buy an engagement ring, make sure you know the size of the finger of your girlfriend.

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Also, the ring should suit the finger by knowing the distance between the hand and the knuckle.

2. Choosing the Stone

You also need to consider the gemstone that goes in the engagement ring. Of course, you need to consider the hardness of the stone – as this is the most important factor to consider when buying diamond rings for women.

3. Shape and Cut

It’s overwhelming to know the unusual shapes of diamonds, but if you choose a well-cut diamond will give a great light dispersion – making it look elegant when worn.

4. Metal

You should know the metal when buying diamond rings for women. You can choose from platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and even white gold.

5. Setting of the Stone

You should also know the setting of the stone. Usually, we see engagement rings that come in claw setting, and this allows light to come in through the stone and even reflect back up.


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