What to Gift Your Husband for Christmas


It is common to hear people saying how hard it is to gift a man. You may have a hard time finding that perfect gift even if you know him too well. However, take a look at his interests and hobbies and think about what perfect Christmas gift he will love. Here are a few ideas on what to gift your husband for Christmas.

A Grooming Kit

All men, despite their age, have a desire for a groomed look, and there is no better way to achieve that than a grooming kit for your husband. In the grooming kit, only put the essentials that he is going to use. An item like a face wash is essential. It helps in removing residue and dirt from the face leaving it spotless. However, as you purchase the face wash, consider his skin type, whether it is oily or dry, then get something appropriate. Moisturizer and sunscreen are also important, and you should include them. They will help keep your husband’s skin hydrated and smooth. Save him the journey to the barbershop by adding a hair trimmer in there. Get a good trimmer that is not harsh to the skin since they will be using it for their beard.

Your husband probably has deodorant and perfume, but it does not hurt to throw those two in there. After all, a good grooming kit has an antiperspirant to keep him smelling fresh all day. You will want to add a shower gel and shampoo, which he can use as he showers. Therefore, do not get stuck thinking about what to gift your husband for Christmas this year. Consider this an ideal gift.

Plan a Date at His Favorite Restaurant

If your husband is a lover of food, then planning a dinner date at his favorite restaurant can be ideal. Note that you do not have to dine there on Christmas day. You could make reservations for two or three days after. If your husband enjoys seafood, then research seafood restaurants near you. The gesture itself of planning to dine at his favorite restaurant is great.

Moreover, this is also a date. So, consider dressing up and even taking a taxi instead of driving yourselves there. During dinner, before you start eating, make a toast to your husband. It does not have to be dramatic, attracting the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Make this moment intimate, just between the two of you. Take this chance to appreciate your husband for his efforts and support as a spouse and a father if you have children. Additionally, this is a timeless gift despite his age. Not just because he will always enjoy a great meal from his favorite restaurant, but because some words of affirmation go a long way in strengthening your bond.

Gift Him an Experience

Do not mull over what to gift your husband for Christmas too much. Consider gifting him an experience like a spa day, skiing, or water rafting. Is he a sports fan? Go further than getting him tickets to a game. Depending on the sport that they love watching, send them on a tour of their favorite team’s stadium. If they are lucky, they may even find themselves practicing and get an autographed item like a cap or a baseball bat.

How about for the adventurous type? A hot air balloon ride or a bungee jumping experience should be among the things you consider. You can also purchase a gift card voucher for escape rooms for him. This will put a smile on their face knowing that a loved one covers their next escape room adventure. If your husband is a fan of vintage cars, find a company that lets you rent some cool classic cars for the day. However, you can also let them choose which activity they want to experience.

A Weekend With the Boys

Stop worrying about what to gift your husband for Christmas, and plan a weekend away with his guys, once the festivities are over. Every once in a while, a guy will need some time away from the spouse and kids to just unwind with his closest friends. By now, you already know his friends and who he would enjoy going on a trip with. You can even consult them and ask where they would like to go and have fun. Also, by consulting, you are able to find out which weekend everyone will be available. You will need to make accommodation arrangements.

While hotels are a good choice, you can also opt for an Airbnb big enough to accommodate everyone, a lake house, or a cabin in the woods. Make arrangements for everything, starting from the mode of transport to what they will eat once they get there. Additionally, it does not have to be a weekend away; it can even be a road trip somewhere far. You can be sure that gifting your husband this experience makes him a better spouse, father, and friend as he takes time to recharge.

Renovate the Home Office

Does your husband work from home every now then? How about remodeling their home office, giving it a new look? Start by repainting the office. A paint job can easily transform a space giving it a fresh look. Colors like brown, burgundy, and tinted gray are cool with an executive appeal. You can even replace the furniture with something more modern.

There are multiple types of ergonomic chairs that are comfortable and ideal in supporting one’s back. You can replace the office cabinets and get additional office supplies that he does not have. His office will have a printer, a computer, or any other relevant electronic office. Since most of them use cords, master a way to hide the cords to fix that messy look. Place equipment close to outlets but also somewhere he can easily unplug when the need arises. Lighting is also crucial in work productivity. Ensure that the window or windows are big enough to let in natural light. For artificial lights, a desk lamp is functional as well as a decorative piece for the office.

Give a Gift Membership Card

Membership and services are viable gift options. Therefore, do not stress so much on what to gift your husband for Christmas if you have run out of tangible gift ideas. A gift like a golf membership for your husband who enjoys golfing is also great. The good thing is that there is also the option of a family member if the entire family loves to golf. Is your husband a collector of vinyl records? Then consider getting them a vinyl membership card.

Since music is deeply personal, what makes this gift idea is that your husband can choose the records they want to receive every month. There is also a wine club membership for wine lovers to decide what wine to receive monthly. There are many membership gifts that you can purchase for your husband. Just choose some of his interests and hobbies and research your options.

Visit an Exotic Place Together

Plan a short escape just for the two of you to a destination of his choice. It can be a place that he has been mentioning all year long of how he wants to go. You can start with places in the country that both of you are yet to visit. If you wish to relax at the beach and sunbathe or even surf, consider a destination like Hawaii. If your husband is a wine lover, then consider visiting vineyards. Not only does your husband get to see the process of making wine, but he also gets to taste a variety of wines and take a walk on the vineyards.

Croatia Island is famous for its exotic beaches and dramatic cliffs if you are looking for something challenging and fun at the same time. You can also visit the exotic bamboo forest in Japan and walk amidst bamboo stalks looking at the monkeys swinging from time to time. With such great places to visit, you do not have to worry about what to gift your husband for Christmas. Just inform them of the trip and get ready for a vacation.

Recreate Passion in Your Life

You probably think of what to gift your husband in terms of something tangible or taking them out. However, what about taking time to focus on your marriage. Find some activities to rekindle your passion and show him how special he is in your life. If you have been married for more than ten years, it is common to find the passion between you two slowly fading.

Try making an effort to renew your marriage by doing things that brought excitement in the first place. While it may take effort from both of you, you will have to take the lead in this one since you are gifting your husband. Do not shy away from thinking outside the box. You can even prepare a romantic dinner once the festivities are over, then follow it up by initiating intimacy in bed between the two of you. Forget about any inhibitions you have and be adventurous. You may surprise yourself.

Design a Homemade Minibar

If your husband enjoys a drink or two and often has his friends over, then consider designing a minibar for him in the house. You can either go for something simple or fancy depending on your budget. There are simple bar units that you buy for him to store all his drinks and glasses in one place. Bar cabinets do not take much space, and they come with glass holders hence convenient. If you are going all fancy, you may need an interior designer to help you develop a home bar that suits your home. You can even incorporate a stocked bar with a counter and some seats to entertain his friends. Add a small whiskey barrel on the counter for his favorite whisky. Consider buying him a decanter set for his private collection and have it personalized by requesting your husband’s name to be engraved on the glasses. You can also add a beer brewing kit at the minibar to brew his fresh beer each time he wants to indulge. Your party-loving husband is going to love this gift and cherish it for a long time.

Upgrade Their Gadgets

You have probably heard of the saying, ‘men and their toys’; to imply how men value their gadgets. If he is a tech lover, you do not have to worry about what to gift your husband for Christmas. You can get a Theragun which provides percussive massage at home. This gadget relieves pain and pesky aches if one is sore after sitting for long or working out. Your husband will also appreciate the new smartwatch, especially if he is a collector of watches. How about a rechargeable hair clipper for your balding husband? Age may be catching up with him, but that does not mean he cannot still look as good as when you met. There are a variety of gadgets that your husband will appreciate if they love tech.

Customized Gift Set

The thing with customized gifts is how personal they feel. Getting your husband a wallet with his name engraved on it is much better than any other wallet. The gift feels more thoughtful, and they are likely to cherish it more. Therefore, stop worrying about what to gift your husband for Christmas and see what gifts you can personalize for him. The good is that you can personalize the many things, depending on what he likes doing. Does your husband enjoy grilling? Then treat him to a miniature steak branding iron and let him enjoy branding those sausages or steak for Christmas. If he loves getting fit, then consider getting him a branded gym bag that will remind him of you even as he works out.

With the many gift choices all over, do not worry about what to gift your husband for Christmas. The key is looking into their interests or surprising them with something they have wanted to try for some time.

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