What You Wear to Bed Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep


The days of scrimping and saving are offer.
After living a lifetime of counting every penny and shopping on every sale rack, you have finally earned the right to live a different kind of life. The kids are out of college, the house is paid for, the car payments are complete. During the last 30 years as both you and your husband worked you saved money, made wise investments, and very often did without. You are not going overboard, but as a couple both of you have decided that things can change a little.

Because of your spend thrift ways of the last decade you know that many of those old habits will be hard to walk away from, but you have given yourself permission to splurge on the things that matter. For you, this means no more sleeping in an old, and nearly holey tshirt. Instead, you have been on the quest to find a nice white lace nightgown. One that you are not ashamed to be caught wearing when you are having coffee of the deck.
White Victorian Nightgowns Are a Sign of Elegant Comfort

Whether you are looking for two piece white cotton pajamas or a long white lace nightgown, it is fun to slip on a quality piece of clothing when you are getting ready to retire for the evening. And while there are many times in your life while it is okay to keep wearing that same tshirt that you have had since college, there comes a time in your life when you would rather wear something more presentable.
In addition to comfort and elegance when you are home alone with your spouse, there is also a growing trend for brides to want to make sure that their attendants are all comfortable and presentable when it comes to the day of the wedding photos. As a result, more and more brides are purchasing monogramed linen pajamas for everyone in their wedding. With several variations to traditional monograms, from one to three letters, most brides can find a design that matches the plan for the wedding.

We all know that seven to nine hours of sleep a night are generally recommended, but if you find yourself the right kind of pajama or nightgown, you might be surprised to find yourself catching a few cat naps in between as well.

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