What’s In A Ring? Learning The History And Modern Sentiment Of Birthstone Jewelry


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What does a ring truly mean?

It all depends on the cut and the stone. Rings have been used to symbolize timeless bonds and deep appreciation alike, adorning millions of fingers across the world and reaching back far in human history as one of the best ways of communicating meaning. What can come off as a proper sentiment to one person can seem overbearing or even inappropriate to another. How do you discern which is which when investing in diamond engagement rings or birthstone rings? It’s all in the symbolism.

What should you look for when buying jewelry? Let’s look at what each precious metal or stone can communicate to your friend, significant other or family member.

Did You Know?

Just how do we incorporate precious metals and stones into our everyday life? Far more than you may think. Rolex produces over 2,000 watches per day and has remained one of the leading manufacturers of luxury watches the world over. Silver is used not just for fine silverware and designer jewelry, but in batteries and alloys. A recent survey found 75% of American brides usually receiving engagement rings made out of gold and diamonds, making it the most popular combination outside of silver and diamond pairings.


Gold has long since been considered synonymous with wealth and prestige. It’s an incredibly soft metal and a common way of testing the veracity of real gold back in the day was to bite it. Its brilliant hue and ability to be easily sculpted has made it a favorite for many thousands of years, being used to create precious jewelry and expensive currency. Diamond engagement rings are frequently paired with gold to create the ultimate in meaning and quality.


Silver is often paired with gold and it’s not hard to see why. They compliment each other with a warm sheen and a cool one, offering some of the most brilliant combinations seen in jewelry industries across the world. While gold is highly flexible and malleable when being sculpted for charms and beads, silver can be used both practically and artistically. While many diamond engagement rings are accompanied by a gold band for both visual and financial purposes, silver can truly bring out the illustrious glow of a diamond.


What about precious stones, you may ask? The beauty of a stone lies not just in its sumptuous color, but the hidden meaning they all possess within. Opals have a long and complex history (even including a market crash that lasted for decades), but have ultimately come out on top as a stone with one of the most iconic appearances around. They are commonly associated with passionate, romantic feelings and can make a great gift for a friend as well as a gesture to a lover.


Before we look into diamond engagement rings let’s see what other precious stones you can seek out for your one-of-a-kind gift. Rubies are often associated with fiery reds, but can also be found in rich purple and even pale pinks. Not unlike opals they are often associated with a deep passion, perfect for those that want to communicate the most blistering message possible. The tradition of first gifting a fiancee an engagement ring was introduced all the way back in Austria in the 1400’s.


When you want to go classic? Diamond engagement rings are where it’s at. The four factors that determine the value of a diamond are the carat, color, clarity and cut. It’s thought as many as 130 million carts of diamonds (that’s as many as 26 thousand kilograms) are produced from mines around the world. While gemstones value color and saturation over all else, diamonds are considered some of the most complex stones to get right. Even a minor error can be visible for all to see, reducing its quality and its price all in one fell swoop.

A single piece of jewelry can tell a thousand stories. Make sure yours rings true with the proper cut.

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