Your Cause or Club Deserves the Best Looking T-Shirt, Make That Happen with These 7 Tips


Tee shirt printing

It is no secret that t-shirts are very popular around the country and around the globe. They make great promotional products because so many people wear them. To give you an idea of how popular they are, more than 90% of people in the United States say they have a favorite t-shirt. Nearly half of all consumers have at least one t-shirt with a logo on it. Almost 60% of consumers in the United States say they have positive feelings about companies who give them a t-shirt as part of a promotion. If you are looking to design a t-shirt, there are ways to make it better and add more to your campaign. Whether you are looking for embroidery to create your design or are going to screen printed t-shirts, these tips will help your design.

  1. Spend time working on your concept. This is not something that you need to rush. It is important to really have a concrete idea before you have your t-shirts made. The most beautiful embroidery will not cover up a design that is lacking. Come up with your concept and then walk away from it for a while. You want to go back and look at your idea with fresh eyes.
  2. Designs look different on clothing than on paper. When you transfer a design from a piece of paper or a screen to a piece of clothing, it changes. Part of this is the method you use to make the design on the piece of clothing. Custom apparel products that are created with embroidery do look different than those created with screen printing but the transfer to clothing just changes the design. Take this into consideration when you are developing your design. You may want to mock up your design on a photo of a t-shirt.
  3. Keep your design simple. You need to get your details right but any design on a t-shirt needs to be simple. If you think about some of the iconic t-shirts of all time (think about the smiley face t-shirts), many are very simple. If you are working to promote a brand or idea, simplicity is the way to go. In terms of messaging, if you want your t-shirts to raise awareness, you need to design something that can be understood and recognized almost immediately.
  4. Think about your audience. Who do you expect to wear your t-shirt? Who will appreciate it the most? Is your audience young? Old? Are they men or women? Take some time to think about who you want to reach and who you expect to wear your custom printed t-shirts. This can make a big difference in your design.
  5. Be careful with your humor. You may want to be funny with your t-shirt and that is not a bad idea. This is where knowing what your audience is so important. Many pieces of popular custom apparel are funny. It is good to be either subtle with the jokes on your clothing or if you have a niche you are going for, make it something that group would understand and appreciate. Embroidery with an irreverent saying may be the way to go.
  6. Be careful with your color. Simple colors that both contrast with and complement each other. There are software packages out there that do help with this. If your package has options to view halftones, you will save yourself a lot of work. You should not have too many different colors. This can make your t-shirt look too busy and you may lose your message. Keep in mind that white is the preferred color for t-shirts for at least 34% of American consumers. As with your message, simple is great for color schemes.
  7. Have someone proof your work.andnbsp;The last thing you need is to find a typo on your custom t-shirts after you have printed them up. It can be hard to proof your own work so make sure you have someone else check it over before you have your t-shirts done.

Custom apparel products can be great promotional items and they are fantastic for raising awareness about an idea or a person. These tips will help you get the most from these items.

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