4 Recycling Efforts YOU Can Do to Make a Difference


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In order for our planet to remain a healthy and safe environment for many decades to come, we need to take efforts now to preserve it. For successful preservation, everyone needs to do their part. Many people may avoid environmentally friendly actions, because they are just one person. However, when you have an entire planet with this same thinking, nothing is ever accomplished. Even you can make an environmental difference. Every little bit really does help.

Reduce energy usage

Reducing energy usage will not only benefit the planet, but it will also benefit your wallet. When you waste resources in your home, you experience significantly higher utility bills. Cutting down on air, heat, and water usage can be mutually beneficial. Additionally, replace your current appliances with updated, energy efficient ones. Newer models of appliances are created to use less energy, but still produce the same results. Wasted energy use puts a huge drain on the planet?s limited resources.

Recycle paper products

If you think about how many paper products are currently in your house, you can understand the importance of recycling them. Paper products are extremely common, especially in American households. Yet, many Americans simply throw these paper items out, rather than recycling them. Recycling these items is actually simple, as many garbage pickups also offer a recycling pickup. You can place used paper or plastic items directly into the recycling bins. To encourage recycling in your household, place a recycling bin next to the garbage bin. Get into the habit of placing recyclable items into the bin and then putting it out with the garbage pickup each week.

Utilize reusable grocery bags

Plastic grocery bags have become a problem over the years. Many retailers and grocers provide plastic bags to shoppers. Most of these bags make it into the garbage and contribute to overfill of landfills. A plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on the environment. In a landfill, kept away from the environment that would help them biodegrade more easily, paper bags also do not do much better. The only options available in most retail and grocery stores are plastic or paper bags.

Reusable grocery bags, however, can be reused and reused, cutting down on the number of bags needed. You can even purchase wholesale reusable bags or wine bags in bulk to ensure that you always have enough shopping bags on hand. The United States currently uses about 100 billion plastic bags per year, with the average person using between 350 and 500. Even if just you switch to reusable grocery bags or wine bags in bulk, you will be taking as many as 500 bags out of the environment.

Give reusable bags as gifts

How can you increase the number of damaging bags on the planet? Most shoppers are willing to utilize reusable bags, they simply do not have access to them or do not want to purchase them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been collecting plastic bag statistics for more than a decade, roughly 2% of plastic bags are recycled in the United States. Purchase wine bags in bulk for your wine related gifts. Wine bags in bulk can also serve the double purpose of also carrying your grocery items. Custom wine bags make great gifts as well, ensuring that they will be held onto and used for many years.

Our planet is the responsibility of every single person living on it. Its health is directly related to our recycling and efficiency abilities. You can do your individual part by preserving your utility and resource usage, recycling your paper products, and reducing your plastic and paper bag usage. Also, gifting reusable bags and wine bags in bulk increases the benefits of reusable bags. Each gift you give will take a large number of pollution off of the planet.

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