5 Tips for the Beginning Paddle Boarder


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Paddle boarding is becoming an extremely popular summer activity. More and more cities are picking up the sport and we are likely to see it grow over the next few years. If you have never been on a paddle board before, either sitting or standing, you may be hesitant to try it for the first time. You may worry about your ability to stand up on the board or if you will be able to maneuver around large waves and other water users. These paddle boarding tips will help even the most beginning of paddle boarders.

Always try before you buy
Before you run out and buy your first paddle board, it is smart to try out the sport first. Make sure you like paddle boarding. There are also different types of boards, so getting an idea of which type you like best is important before buying. Many local paddle boarding companies allow you to rent boards for classes. These beginner classes are also a great way to start out, learning the necessary paddle boarding for beginners tips. When it does come time to buy, make sure you try out different boards and choose one that you can grow and expand your skills with.

Learn at your own pace
Just like with any other sport, paddle boarding takes practice and time. Do not expect to just stand up and go on your first try. Expect to fall a couple of times as you learn your footing. Continue learning and taking paddle boarding tips from local instructors. Paddle boarding can also be extremely entertaining, so learning at your own pace becomes fun. Bring your board with you when you visit lakes, oceans, and any other body of water that is large enough to paddle.

Always be safe
Safety is important when paddle boarding. You will be sharing the body of water with other paddle boarders, swimmers, and boaters. You especially want to keep an eye out for boaters, who may not see you on your board. Try to stick closer to the shore and avoid paddling when the water way is too busy or too dark. If you plan on taking a break and exploring the area, make sure you use dive flags. These are the same flags that divers use when they want to let boaters know they are under water in a specific place. This could even be the law in your state. Florida State Statue 327.73, says that divers can face a non criminal violation and a $50 fine for not properly following the dive flag laws.

Wear appropriate boarding clothing
Although paddle boarding does not require any specific type of clothing, you will want to wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in. Additionally, despite the best paddle boarding tips, you may fall in a couple of times as you learn the sport. Wear clothing items that can get wet and that will dry quickly for optimal comfort. Adventure clothing is a great option because it is made for water sports. You will find a variety of sporting goods stores that carry both paddle boards and appropriate clothing for boarding.

Have fun
Don?t let frustration ruin your paddle boarding lessons. Perhaps one of the best paddle boarding tips to remember is to have fun. Not only is the sport of paddle boarding exciting, but it is also great exercise. You can take your board on a variety of trips to really explore the different water ways. With 70% of all trips taken with friends, paddle boarding is also a great way to spend time with your friends on the water.

Paddle boarding is currently trending. You will continue to see an increase in paddle board classes, paddle board sales, and even paddle board competitions in the coming years. Now is a great time to learn the sport of paddle boarding. If you are a beginner, it can be helpful to first take a paddle class. Also, remember to wear comfortable clothing and practice safety with every paddle. Always have fun and remember that you are also getting a great workout.

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