Three Current Trends in Men’s Fashion


Exotic alligator shoes

Are you a well-dressed man who is always trying to be in the know and ahead of the fashion trends? If so, you are not alone. The personal fashion accessory industry is targeting nearly 75 million people who fall into the millennial (age 18-34) men category. Of course, you of all people know that fashion encompasses much more than just the accessories; there are also exotic boots, luxury Italian loafers, leather belts, perfectly tailored shirts, and fine suits to choose from. Below are three of the most popular types of men’s fashion items available today:

1. Footwear – Men?s dress shoes currently account for a little over 5% of the entire shoe market sale and witnessed a 39 percent growth in retail value sales 2009 to 2014. In other words, men all around the country are really getting into the idea of wearing fashionable and fine footwear. One of the most popular styles of fine men?s footwear is leather Italian loafers. Not only is the loafer style of shoe incredible versatile, but Italian leather is perhaps the most comfortable shoe fabric available. If you?ve never felt Italian leather before, then it might be time to consider purchasing Italian loafers. You?ll never go back!

2. Luxury Bags – Another huge surge of popularity in the men?s fashion industry was in men?s luxury bags. In fact, this industry grew by nearly 25 percent from 2009-2014. Again, leather is the go to fabric for the majority of these bags, but the design is what really makes them stand out. Unique handles, straps and clasps are among the most interesting design features, and many male consumers love the comfort of having something go across the body rather than have to be held in a pocket.

3. Belts Mens luxury leather belts are another trendy item that consumers are purchasing in big numbers right now. Belts are known for being an accessory that really ties a whole outfit together, and with the variety of leather color, it?s easy to see why they are popular. There are even men?s belts that are now made in such a way that the consumer can actually buy a number of different clasp types and switch it out depending on their outfit.

Whether you are just now getting into men?s fashion or you have been a trendsetter for years, these three items are always good to have around. Find yourself a good pair of Italian loafers, a unique luxury leather bag, and a belt that goes with lots of different outfits and you will be set. You?ll be on your way to a magazine cover in no time!

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