7 Tips for Keeping Your Cut Flowers Looking Great for Longer



Most people like getting flowers as a gift. A full 65% of Americans say that receiving flowers makes them feel special. More than 80% report that they feel happy when they are given flowers and another 88% admit they enjoy giving flowers. For nearly 69% of people, being around freshly cut flowers can put them in a better mood. If you have gone out and gotten the best flowers for Mothers Day or the best flowers for Fathers Day, you want to keep them looking great as long as you can.

  1. Every day you need to change out the water for your flowers. The number one thing you can do to keep your flowers looking great for longer is to keep changing the water in the vase every day and to keep it at the right level. As your flowers drink the water, the water level will drop. It is important to keep your flowers from getting too thirsty. The more flowers you have, the more water they will all need. You may need to add more water throughout the day.
  2. Use filtered water. You can use tap water but if you want to keep the best flowers for Mothers Day looking great a long time, filtered water is better. The kind of flower will dictate what kind of water you should use to keep them. Some kinds of flowers will benefit more from filtered water than other kinds. If you have concerns, you can ask the florist about what kind of water is best.
  3. Cut, cut and cut again. You should cut off the tips of the stems when you get the flowers and then every day when you change out the water, you should cut them again. Anytime you remove flowers from water, you need to snip the tips so the flower can pull in the water it needs to keep looking. For the best results, you should run water over the stem as you cut it and use sharp scissors.
  4. Feed your flowers. The best flowers for Mothers Day always come with some flower food, they put it in with your flowers for a reason. Keeping your flowers well fed is one way to keep them looking happier. These flower food packets have nutrients, sugar, an acidifier to keep the pH of the water right and bleach. The bleach kills any bacteria in your water. The packet that comes with the flowers should last a while. If you do not have flower food, you can make it by combining water with lemon or lime, sugar and some bleach.
  5. Start with a sterilized vase. One of the most important things you can do to keep your flowers looking good is to keep them away from bacteria. The best way to do that is to clean the vase before you add flowers and waters to it. You can get away with not using bleach but it really is very effective at killing bacteria so it makes sense to use it to clean out your vase before putting your flowers in it.
  6. Be careful about where you place your flowers. When you have the best flower for Mothers Day, you want the world to see them but that is not what they mean. You need to keep your flowers on a cool spot and away from heat and direct sunlight. Some people find they can add even more life to their flowers when they put them into the refrigerator at night or when they are at work. Make sure you keep your flowers away from fruits like bananas. They emit chemicals as they ripen that can hasten the end of your floral arrangements.
  7. Do not pay attention to old wives’ tales. There is a lot of bad information out there about how to best take care of flowers. Some suggest adding pennies, aspirin, alcohol or mouthwash. These things will probably not hurt your flowers but they will not really help them either.

It is possible to keep the best flowers for Mothers Day looking great with just a little time,
effort and TLC. These seven steps can keep your looking flowers healthy and happy.

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